Friday, February 6

eatin' dirt w/ mia...

... ha ha! That's right... I'm no girly girl, and neither is my buddy, Mia. You may see us dressed up with big satin bows most of the time, but deep down - we've got a love for the dirt, and we're not ashamed to admit it! It was a B-E-autiful day in Nashvegas today, so our mommies took us to the park. Mia had never been, so it was quite a treat for her! We did a little of this & a little of that: swinging, sliding, climbing, & dirt-eating.

I just love my buddy... it's so much fun now that we know how to get up & around on our own. The equipment was fun & all... but we spent most of our time picking up the bark & dirt.... sharing it with each other.... making piles... & tasting a little, too. Wish you all could have been there!

*WORD of CAUTION*... the videos could make your stomach do flips.... mom didn't get out the video camera, so these are from our regular camera...and the quality is a little grainy. Watch at your own risk!

*there are also a couple more videos on my YOUTUBE channel...
you can check them out at the link to the left, or here... G's Youtube Channel

Thursday, February 5

old mac grier had a farm...

...and on that farm she had only pigs & lions. ☺ There's nothing wrong with that, right!? For whatever reason, I am a little partial to pigs & lions... not sure why... I just like making their sounds.

As I promised - mom tried again today to get a few more "oinks" & "grrrrs" out of me. Well -
as you probably guessed - I did not make it easy for her. She tried for at least 30 minutes to get a good clip of me showing off my noises. In the end, I think you'll be able to hear a couple of "rrrroars" & "oaaits" (aka: "oinks"). You might also notice that I have discovered how to shake my head "NO" & that I've created a few new dance moves... you'll hear mom snickering - she loves my dancing. Aren't you surprised that she hasn't gotten me ballet or tap shoes yet?

The pix are from tonight. We went over to my buddy, Mia's house for dinner. Her mom made us some yummy Beef 'n' Rice Fiesta (daddy's all time favorite)... and I ate like a little piggy, or so I'm told. We played upstairs with all of Mia's fun toys & climbed all over our daddies on the couch, while they watched tv.... a blast, as usual!

brrrrr... it was too darn COLD!

These photos are from last week... I forgot about them for a little while & thought you might like to see a few. On this day, it had warmed up to a balmy 50-something degrees & mom thought it would be a good idea to get out for some fresh air. She forced daddy away from his studies, as he needed a break, too!

Although it had been warmer earlier that day... by the time we made it to the park (about 4.30pm)... the sun had started setting, the wind had picked up, a cold front approached, and I would say that it felt something like NEGATIVE 4 degrees outside!!

Needless to say - we didn't do much of anything. They bundled me up like a eskimo & let me walk from the car to the slide... I made one trip down the slide with daddy & we'd had enough! We headed back to the car & mom had dad drive through Dunkin' Dounuts, so she could get some HOT coffee. Hey!... come to think of it... I didn't get any. Sometimes it smarts to be 1.

Wednesday, February 4's all just a day's work

As I've mentioned before... I am a fan of heights. Scaling a 3 foot step ladder "ain't no thang" for me anymore. As you can imagine - this makes my mommy a teensy bit nervous. he he! She leaves the step-ladder up all of the time, because she has trouble reaching the higher shelves... but says that she's re-thinking that decision. For now... she simply tries to keep the laundry room / pantry door closed at all times, but every once in a while... she forgets.... and you better believe I notice & take advantage of it!!!

In the video below, you can check out me climbing the ladder. I think she was a little apprehensive about sharing this video with all of you... as she's afraid one of you might call the authorities, but she had to take the risk of videoing this feat. She says we'll enjoy watching me & talking about my climbing skills when I get bigger. haha! Please don't call her in... really - I'm a good, careful, cautious climber!!!

On another note... I can also "oink" like a pig. It does not quite sound the same as when my mom & dad say it... it comes out more like "aaint, aaint"... but they get what I'm trying to say. At the end of this video snippet - if you listen carefully & turn up the volume, you'll be able to hear me sort of "oink". Mom will try again tomorrow to get a better example. I can "roar" like a lion, too.... just you wait... you'll be so proud to hear me "oinking" and "grrrrowling".

Post Script: I hope you all are enjoying all of these posts.... daddy has made mention lately that NOBODY is leaving me any comments. booo hooo.... only Aunt E & Aunt Terry love me, I guess!? **come on - take my hint & let me know someone is reading this stuff

Monday, February 2

polishing up the casa

Well... mom did not give daddy even an hour's worth of rest after the last part of his test on Thursday. She put him right to work - buying paint, patching holes, & locking me out of the cabinets (aaaah man - I loved digging in mom's cabinets). And she kept him working all weekend long. Tough luck, dad.... I guess you can rest this week. Maybe. ☺

Because we're heading back to Texas in a few months when daddy finishes school... we'll be selling our house here in Nashville. I've been told the place needs to look spotless, so someone will want to buy her - thus... we were busy, busy painting this weekend. I am not sure why the big folks decided to paint over the bright colors in our house - I was quite fond of them - but, I suppose if we have to sell this booger - we better "polish it up" a little. As you can see from the pictures, I worked hard for my livin' this weekend. I held the drill for daddy as he put locks on the cabinets (aka: screamed & laughed at his drill), I helped tape the trim for painting (aka: pulled all of the tape off of the walls & loved it), helped with the step-stool (aka: climbed to the top & scared the jeepers out of everyone), and just generally helped to keep things organized (aka: threw all of my toys & all of the paint supplies all over the floor).

Although they had originally planned on having someone else paint our living room (due to the 15 foot ceilings)... those wackos decided to rent scaffolding & paint it themselves (cheap-skates!). So... take a look at the photos of daddy & mommy at the tip-top of our house on the scaffolding. Thank heavens they made it down safely. Overall - the house looks pretty darn good - who knew my parents & grandparents were such painters!?!? Thanks for coming to visit me & for all of the help, Gingi & Popi.... you saved us A LOT of time & moolah!.... we COULD NOT have done it all without you!! xxooxxoo