Monday, September 14

new blocks & new bedtime ritual

Mom made a couple of big pots of chili last night (I think she was taking advantage of our unseasonable mild weekend in the lower 70s). We had a nice evening... all four of my grandparents came over for a chili-night to celebrate Grandparents' Day.. how much better does it get for a little girl than to have 4 super-spoilers at her house on one night!?!?

Anyhoo... while mom was making the chili, I discovered that bean cans & chili powder containers make darn fun blocks. I will admit that if they topple from about 4 high, it definitely SMARTS when they land on your toes, but nonetheless I kept myself busy & was angry when it came time to add the beans to the pots.

Dad also thought that I should document my newly created bedtime ritual. When they started letting me sleep with a pillow a couple of months ago, I loved nothing more than to snuggle my li'l head on my new feathers... but now, I have found the comfortablest way to sleep. Each time they put me into my crib for a nap or for bedtime, I proceed to pull my pillow out from the end of the bed... line up all of my babies, ya-yas, bunnies, etc... cover my legs with my pillow... and scoot myself underneath my pillow (like it's a blanket). Dad got a video of it tonight, so enjoy!

oh, and...
Happy late Grandparents' Day to the bestest grandparents in all the world... MINE! :o)
(ok, ok.. so you may beg to differ with me & that's fine... I bet yours are amazing, too!)