Friday, October 31

i don't say boo..... i say MOO!

Happy Halloween.... I hope you had as much fun as I did today! I don't mind this dressing up business... especially when I get GOODIES! If you cannot tell from the pictures, Mia was a pink poodle & I was a cow.... and weren't we a pair!?!?

First thing this morning, mom got me all situated & herded me to Opryland with Kellye & Mia to see all of mommy's friends. Then - I came home and took a big ole nap, so I'd be ready to go tonight - & boy was I ever ready to go!

This evening, after taking a thousand pix, we went to Troy & Courtney's house, where I got some yummo cherry puffs - my fave. Then - we went trick-or-treating at Mia's Mimi & Papa's house (and around their neighborhood) & at her aunt Trish's house. After all of the trickin' & treatin' .... we headed over to the Johnson's for a parrrtay, where we dug right into our baby goodies. After chowing down - we headed upstairs for the after party.

Lately, I've been a little shy & reserved at Mia's house... but tonight, I broke out of my shell... tackling her to the ground more than once (you can see in one of the videos). It was all out of love for my Mia - I just got a little excited. I had an absolute ball playing with all of the kiddos (you can see my other buddy, Paul, in one of the pictures - his birthday is only a couple of days away from mine, so we're all 3 within 2 weeks of age)! My first halloween was fabulouso & we are so thankful to have Mia & her fun family in our lives. They are so sweet to let us tag along ALL of the time - they treat us just like family! We love you guys!!!

Tuesday, October 28

i voted... have you?

After my first round of the flu shot today (yes - I said the word "shot" without hesitation .... I didn't shed 1 tear) - we ran a few errands & then headed to the polls this evening. So much for going early to miss the long lines... this line wound up & down the aisles at the library - you'd have thought they were lining up to get the latest copy of Dr. Seuss. I had to quietly & patiently wait for about 45 minutes. Whose idea was it for people to be QUIET in libraries anyway??? You silly old people. Anyhoo.... we did finally get to vote & I even got a sticker. Mom would not let me push the buttons.... I wanted to vote for SNOOPY, but supposedly he's not on the ballot in Tennessee? Of course -between the shots, errands, & voting... mom snuck in a few pictures, too - enjoy!
Now - GO VOTE! (...& vote "snoopy" if he's on your ballot!)
ps - don't I look like a little politician in this pic to the left???
Eat your heart out Sarah & Hillary!

Monday, October 27

happy late birthday, doodah!

Yesterday was my DooDah's birthday, so I am wishing him a happy belated birthday. Like it says in the picture.... I hope you got a nice, restful nap on your big day - I know I did :o) ha! Shame on me for not posting this yesterday, but better late than never, eh? Love you lots!