Thursday, March 12

sleet, sleet.... go away...

You wouldn't know it from the sleet & rain today in Nashville today, but on Monday afternoon... the sun was shining & the birds were chirping, ... it was a perfect day for some outdoor playtime with my buddy, Mia. Mom & I took aunt Kellye a Sonic drink, which gave us little gippers a chance to convince our mommies to let us catch some rays.

I've included a slide show with a few of the pictures that Kellye took while we ran around chasing Mia's ball & playing with a fishing worm that uncle Bill dropped in his driveway. I was a little puzzled by that stinky old worm...I was not willing to pick it up, but I pointed & grunted at it for a good while. As soon as it caught Mia's eye, she gladly picked it up & examined him really well. Mom could not get me to touch it... eeeeewwww!!!

Now - only if this nasty weather would go away... Mia & I could cause all sorts of trouble!

Tuesday, March 10

it's official... there's a sign in our yard...

Our friend, Becca, came by today & officially put our house on the market. She put a bright yellow sign in our front yard & put a funny box with buttons on our front door. About 10 seconds after she left... I tried out the buttons on that box... I could not get it to do anything, but I imagine those buttons will be fun to play with when no body's looking! :o)

Mom took some pictures of me outside by the sign, just to commemorate this big day! I guess there's no turning back now... the madness begins & mom's going to be nuttier than ever trying to pick up after me 24 hours a day. Don't think for even one second that I'm going to take it easy on her... I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. ☺☺☺☺

Know anyone looking for a house in Nashvegas???
me waving at prospective buyers as they drive by▲