Monday, January 10

yippie-ki-a!... my #3 birthday

mooooooo to you!I have been requesting a "cow party" for a couple of months now... and despite mom urging me to think of something a little more girly..... a cow party is JUST WHAT I GOT! She did manage to talk me into a "cowgirl" party & boy am I glad she did! Lots of my friends slipped into their little boots & rode right on over for a rootin' tootin' good time!

Mom certainly embraced the cow theme... you'll see just how crazy she went with the decor & themed munchies. There were moo-cow spots galore... cow balloons... cow cookies... cow cupcakes... cows ALL OVER OUR CASA!!! Add up a bunch of cows + girls in cowboy boots + a last minute addition of a bouncy house in
the back-yard (thanks to the not-so-wintry temps in West Texas).... and how could we not have a good time??!!

This cowgirl is to thankful for having so many good friends to share her third birthday. I got lots of great presents, but most of all... I had a great time hanging out with family & compadres! Many thanks to everyone for making birthday #3 so very special!

I won't go on & on about what all happened... I'll let the three-thousand photos tell the story.... enjoy! ha!