Tuesday, June 16

headin' west...

Howdy fans... there'll be a brief hiatus from my posts, as we're leavin' Tennessee for the good 'ole state of Texas tomorrow morning. We'd much appreciate a few postitive & prayerful thoughts as we make our way west. Don't you folks worry... I'll be sure to keep those parents on their toes for the ENTIRE 16 hours! There'll probably be many stories to tell when we get to Tejas... stay tuned.

There's not really any way for me to express how much we'll miss all of our wonderful, sweet friends.... you've been much more than friends... each of you has made up our family here in Tennessee. While we are so very excited to set out to begin new adventures in San Angelo and to be close to our families, .... this move is certainly bittersweet. The life-long family we've made here will be missed dearly... we are truly blessed to have gotten so close to each of you, and are already looking forward to coming back to visit. Our new home in Texas is far from visitor-worthy at this point, but you all better believe the doors are open.... come visit.... SOON!!! Love & Hugs!