Wednesday, October 15

playdates, pizza, & straws

So - I don't have much for you peeps tonight... just a few random pix from this week. I had a fun playdate at my pal, mia's house yesterday... we climbed around on her couch, played with Rocky, & tried to escape down the stairs... lots 'o' fun, as usual!

Then tonight... mom & dad stopped for a quick dinner. They would not share the pizza that they were having (once again... this toothlessness stinks), but they did let me gnaw on some bread. That's a rare treat, since they're usually nervous about the choking hazard. I suppose I made enough noise, so they gave in. Dad also got a picture of me drinking out of my new favorite sippy cup.... with a STRAW! I love it & can drain it in no time flat.

Well... that's all for now folks. I'm headin' out tomorrow for a trip to San Antonio, TX.... daddy's going to a big dental meeting there... and gingi & popi are meeting us, too! Woo Hoo! See you again on Sunday.
my new favorite way to chug-a-lug (formula or water only, of course).....

Sunday, October 12

punkins, punkins... EVERYWHERE!

I was hauled to the pumpkin patch today... need I say more? You wouldn't say that my parents ever to OVERBOARD on pictures, would you???? Ok - I will answer that one for you - YES - & once again... we've got millions of pumpkin pictures. I will try to keep my rambling short, because it's not like you have multiple hours to spend reading my blog, eh?

I did pretty good at the patch. It took a while for me to warm up to the multitude of pumpkins.... it was a lot for a li'l one to handle. Some of those stinkers were as big as me!... but after a little while, I decided that they were ok. I flashed a few smiles & then after the 10,000th picture, I told my daddy... "ENOUGH of the pumpkins & ENOUGH of the picture taking". You can see me wailing toward the end of our stay at the patch!

I must say, though... I am glad we went. I got my own mini pumpkin... and she's just my size! I tossed her around for a bit when we got home.

Well - I hope you have a few hours for all of these. HA! Keep in mind, though - this is only about a 10th of what I had to endure... you're getting off easy!

*oh... mom tried a new slideshow thingy, so all the pix wouldn't take up so much room. Hope you like it.