Wednesday, May 13

more dryer sheets = more softness!

Because our washer & dryer are resting comfortably in the storage unit in San Angelo (TEXAS, that is).... the apartments' laundry mat has been one of our frequent stops lately. My mom might not love lugging our clothes across the grounds a couple of times a week... but I've grown quite fond of it. The dryers on the bottom are the perfect height for me to open & close.... open & close... open & close.

I try to be as helpful as possible when we go. I put one dryer sheet (or ten) in each dryer... I take out all of the lint screens.... and I even remove any clothes that I find (whether they are ours or not - I like to help everyone!).

I guess mom finally decided to take some photos of my helpfulness this morning... she said that we'll want to look back & remember these "fun times" one day. Gosh I'll miss that laundry mat when we move.... do they have them in Texas???

enjoying my "starbucks" this morning, while tossing a few loads in to wash

reeeeeaching... I put one too many sheets in, so I was trying to get one out... uggghhh! through the dryer doors

Monday, May 11

a break for my mommy

Thought I'd post a few of the photos from yesterday for you guys... we had a great Mother's Day. We didn't do too much of anything.... kinda nice, actually!

After church, per mommy's request - daddy took over munchkin duty, so that she could go to the gym for one of her favorite classes. We did a little window shopping in the afternoon, followed up by the simplest dinner ever - hot dogs. It was a nice break for mommy!!!

Wish we could have been home with my grandmas to celebrate, but since we were not - I hope those around you treated you the way I would have... like the bestest grandmas ever!!!

before Sunday School with my buddy, Mia (& her mommy)...

more of me with mommy & daddy...