Friday, April 17

head 'em up... move 'em out!

As most of you folks know, we're packing up to head to Texas in a couple of months, but we were lucky enough to sell our home quickly... thanks be to God!!!.... so we'll be moving into an apartment this weekend for the last couple of months of our stay in Nashville. Since it will be for such a short time, Mom & dad decided that we needed to go ahead & send most of our things to San Angelo now, and live with the bare minimum in the apartment, so the moving truck arrived yesterday & we'll be packing her up over the next few days.

Mia came over yesterday & brought us some pizza for lunch... the food was yummo & all, but our favorite part of her visit was running around in the G-I-A-G-A-N-T-I-C trailer that's in our driveway. It was still empty, so we got to use it as our playground. We also picked a ton of dandylions (generously spreading the beautiful wealth of weeds for our new owner).

How do you like our cowgirl look??? We found daddy's cowboy hats (that he wears at least one time a century) in the mess of the move & tried them on. I thought I'd show Mia a little Texas fashion.... gidde' up peeps!

Sunday, April 12

eggs, eggs... everywhere!

I've never seen so many eggs in my life... from the very second I was so rudely awaken this morning... there have been eggs as far as my little eyes can see! I guess that big bunny from the mall did decide that I'd been a good enough girl... and he brought me all kinds of goodies for Easter!

After rubbing my eyes & stretching a bit this morning... I realized that outside of my bedroom door, there was a trail of bright eggs into the living room. Oh, boy - was it ever fun to wake up to a million Easter eggs to gather. At the end of the long trail of eggs, I found a basket full of surprises from the big bunny dude.... whoopie! I got to play for just a little while, and then, as I suspected - I had to get all dressed up, just like every Sunday. I put on my poofy bright dress & we headed off to church, where I went to Sunday School with my buddy, Mia.

Soon... church was over & we made our way to Mia's Mimi & Papa's house. Mimi has a fun mini piano & it gave me a chance to show off my pianist skills... loved that mini-grand! There was also tons of yummy food, so Mia & I took a break from playing the piano to chow down. Once again, I was showered with more goodies from Mia & from Mimi... they are just too nice to me - gosh I love it! Mia got me two precious dresses & some fun toys... & Mimi got me all kinds of yummy snacks & a sweet bunny. Whew... and you would think that's all a little tike could handle, huh???... but nope - -

- - we then headed outside for a gigantic Easter egg hunt with Mia's fun cousins. I must say, my skills were not as sharp as they should have been, as I was too fascinated by Mimi's pretty back yard & Mia's super-hunter cousins! Anyhoo... I got myself a few more eggs, although I am not certain that I needed any more... I mean REALLY - - how many eggs does one person need, eh??

Gosh - it was such a wonderful day.... many thanks to the sweet Johnson's & Staudt's for including us in the festivities. As always, they made us feel like part of the family - that's for sure! I would also like to send some Easter love to my family in Texas... wish we could be there with you to celebrate... hope you all had a very blessed day.... miss you!