Wednesday, April 28

butterfiles for babies... tea for ladies!

My little sis, Ardynn, is LOVING her new butterfly mobile lately (it's actually not "new" - it is a hand-me-down from yours truly, but she thinks it is all hers - so no need to burst her bubble yet... hehe). She loves to lay in her crib & watch them flutter over her little head... I think that she thinks they are real. ;o) She even "talks" to them sometimes... well, mommy calls it "talking," but really - I can't make out a single word of the gibberish that comes out of her mouth... she really just coos, ahhs, and smiles at them A LOT!

I like to lay beside her in the crib and tell her all about what color they are & count them for her. I try really hard not to knock her upside the head while we are in such tight quarters, but while I'm laying there - it seems that mom & dad are constantly telling me to be careful... like they think I'm going to break her or something.. geez!? Anyhoo... the butterfly getup continues to be a good source of entertainment for my little "Arnon Jetsee Leerite".

I on the other hand, have decided that it's super fun to get all snazzed up and have a tea parties with some of my animal buddies. Mom captured some photos of us sipping our tea last week... I didn't invite any of my baby dolls or my baby sister, because babies are "too little" to have tea. They only "dink mute" (drink milk). But, all of my animals decided to join in the fun!

There are also a few photos of me fishing & batting with my daddy & Popi... Popi got me a new fishing pole & I had an absolute blast "catching" fish with it. Although, it is a little strange that I kept catching the same pink plastic fish no matter where I threw my line... in the lake, in the swimming pool, in the grass... that poor pink plastic fish must have really bad luck ;o)