Thursday, May 30

2 months??… holy fast!

IMG_8730How in the world did 2 months fly by so fast??  Our sweet Annistyn is such a great baby!  She loves to sleep, but when she’s awake (as long as she’s fed) she is a happy baby!  She’s starting to smile at all of us & hold her head up.  She really loves her sound machine & is still a fan of the pacifier (although, I think I’ve seen her try to get her thumb into her mouth several times lately… maybe she’ll be a thumb-sucker like her cool big big sister ;o) ).  She really likes to be outside, too… and it’s a good thing, because Ardy & I plan to be outside in the swimming pool as much as possible this summer!  We are so enjoying having our newest sister around the house… we cannot get enough of her!

At her doctor appointment yesterday, the nurses thought she was so cute.  She smiled & coo’ed for them over & over.  Until they gave her those ugly shots, that is!  Her stats were…

10 lbs 4 oz – landing her in the 34th percentile for weight

22 inches – the 35th percentile for height

She’s just perfect.  It’s definitely official.  We’ll keep her.

IMG_8708-001 IMG_8709


 IMG_8721 IMG_8723

IMG_8727 IMG_8730



IMG_8737 IMG_8740

IMG_8742 IMG_8744


Annistyn… 1 month young

IMG_8512Wild that the little bit could already be one month old!  Not sure exactly why, but to celebrate, Mommy decided to take her photo in a funny metal bucket!?… It took her a while to get her to be “happy” and sleep… she had to keep picking up the bucket & bouncing her around the front yard … she’d fall asleep for just a second & mom would take a could of pix, but then the wind or a car would wake her & mom would have to start bouncing her around the yard again.  It was quite funny & a lot of work, but we think it was worth it to get such cute shots!  Here are Anni’s one month photos & a few more randoms from her first month on this big earth.

from our first week home… first photo shoot w. mom & first bath

IMG_8042 IMG_8046

IMG_8051 IMG_8056




3 weeks old….

IMG_8153 IMG_8154 IMG_8159



cathin’ some rays to help with her jaundice

 IMG_8180 IMG_8185 IMG_8186

IMG_8189 IMG_8197 IMG_8201




IMG_8492IMG_8504 IMG_8512