Saturday, June 7

some "real" grub

Well.... I don't know if you people would call it "real food"... but it's the closest thing I've got. After 4 months of breast milk & formula, the doc thought I was ready for some new grub. So - mom whipped up some rice cereal. My first meal was about a month ago... we were in Texas, so Gingi & Granna joined in the fun, too! You'll see in the video that the first go at it was not too successful, but over the past month - I've gotten a little better at this eating business. Just this week I got some pears. It's taken me a while - but I think I might like this "real food". You can see the picture of me with pear guts all over my face - attractive, huh? I guess I'll move on to the green beans, squash, and apples later this week... woo hoo!

lunch date with mia

I had a lunch date & shopping trip with my friend, Mia, today. When Mia showed up at my house, we realized that we were both dressed in pink seersucker outfits - like twins. Oh dear - what is a girl to do? Since we looked so cute - we took pictures & a video... check them out! After our photo shoot, we went to lunch at the Puffy Muffin (we let mom, Kellye, & Jessica come along, too). Lunch was fantastic & we were quite the hit at the restaurant. Our nutty waitress could not get enough of us :o). After lunch, we went shopping at Hot Pink & TJ Maxx. Wow... what a day I've had... eating & shopping with friends - what more can a girl ask for?

visit from the uncles

My great uncle Mike & my "great" uncle Brandon came for a visit last weekend. Uncle Mike became quite the pro at calming me down (aka: spoiling me rotten) by walking me around outside on the deck. Uncle B also got some lovin' & fed me a few bottles. We went downtown for lunch one day - my first trip to Broadway (but don't worry - daddy kept me out of the honky tonks). On Saturday night, we went to see the Sounds play... it was my very first baseball game & I must say that I loved it! DooDah was perhaps a little jealous that he did not get to take me to my first baseball game. I guess he'll have to come visit, so that we can go again! The weekend was wonderful & I can't wait to see my uncles again soon!

Friday, June 6

drivin' my caddy

Oh, how I love driving my sweet Cadillac convertible walker. She runs like a dream (actually... she runs nowhere, because daddy took the rollers off for now - bummer)! Mom is glad that I'm so fond of it, because it entertains me for a few precious minutes, so that she can dry her hair or empty the dishwasher. Personally, I just like it because it makes lots of cool sounds and has fun buttons for me to push and eat. We took these pictures about a month ago, when I was 4 months old. In one of them, you'll see me driving with my Popi.... this is the day that his flight home got canceled.... Deep down, I think he was really glad, because he got to spend the entire day playing with me - ha! You'll also see my friend, Mia. She stopped by to take the car for a spin, too! Check out the video to see me in action... I could be the next Danica Patrick!?!?

REALLY?...a blog about me?

Well... in response to overwhelming demand, I thought I'd find a way to keep all of my fans up to date about what is happening in my life - - - thus, you're reading my new blog. If mom & dad can figure out how to upload stuff, you should be able to view videos and pictures of me on this website whenever you like (don't hold your breath). I do love living in Nashville, but I must admit... sometimes it's tough being so far away from my fun family & friends in Texas.... so, this blog will keep you up to date about what is new in my life. We'll try to post new topics every few days... hopefully relieving some of my grandparents' withdrawal symptoms... ha! I hope you enjoy reading about "growing up grier".