Wednesday, December 21

me? an award? … really??

jessnjuneWell wow wow wowzers… my sweet cousin, Jessica, decided to award my itsy-bitsy little blog with a liebster award.  I do have to admit that I was not absolutely sure what in the world that was… A leib, what??  But after reading the description & Jess’s thoughtful comments, I got the picture.  I have been quite the slacker blog-toddler lately, so I am sure that it is a wee bit undeserved, but appreciated nonetheless!  Jessica is my daddy’s cousin and I would consider her one of the most fun-loving, sweet natured, best dressed, extra creative peeps I ever did meet in my whole almost four years.  She is constantly adding darling posts about her darling family on her darling blog.  I know she said that my mommy was “super mom”, but there is no doubt that God must’ve made more than one, because she’s a model mommy as well.  Thanks a million, for giving me a shout out on your bloggy blog, couz!  I will try to make you proud :o)  PS… is it against the rules to award YOU with a second award?? … I suppose that’d be redundant, but you are oh, so deserving.

For those who are less familiar with the liebster award… lemme give ya a rundown… 

Liebster is a German word meaning 'dear, sweet, kind, nice, good, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome'.  To keep this award going (by passing along to other new deserving blogs), the recipient must now recognize five other bloggers with less than 200 followers that have really stood out in the crowd.

I am going to do my best to narrow my list, but it will not be an easy feat (this little one loves her blogs, ya know?), but here goes - - in no particular order…

mpfam NUMERO UNO … My Precious Family … now THIS  is a funny story, because JUST as I clicked over to copy her web address… I noticed that she awarded me with the liebster, as well…. Gosh oh golly… how very sweet of you, Miss Sommer!  Sommer is a friend of my mommy’s… we met her through our besties, the Stewarts… and boy are we glad we did.  Sommer’s blog is full of more fun ideas than you’d find in any mommy magazine.  She is one crafty, adorable, sweet woman of God, and her light shines right out of the computer screen…. lifting mommy’s spirits each time she posts.  Thanks a million times over, Sommer, for sharing your love of the Lord and your oh, so precious precious family with all of us!!

lamb# TWO… The Lamb Family…. Sarah is my mommy’s bestest friend (since somewhere around the 8th grade – wow, that’s a LOOOONG time, because these chickas are OLD.  Sarah & her hubby, Jon, have the cutest red-headed little munchkin, Hudson, and it is so nice to follow their lives in Austin… as we sit on our couch in San Angelo!  Our whole family is blessed by the love we receive from the “lamb fam” & it warms mommy’s heart to think about where they’ve come from… and where they are now as friends.  You’ve gotta take a peek at their blog full of funny stories and fantastic photos…. take a look!

maedgnumber THREE… Maedgen Moments… Jordan, another friend of mommy’s from way back when, has yet another outstanding blog where she tells numerous hilarious stories about her cute ‘n’ comical three year old little boy, Carter, and  her beautiful big-eyed one year old little girl, Charlotte.  She always has the kiddos dressed in the most precious clothes, not to mention… her own wardrobe is one that any mommy would want to snatch up, as well.  You can always count on Carter man to have had a funny incident to lift your spirits, so head on over & give ‘em a peek!sugarmomma

 no. 4… the chronicles of a sugar momma…  Quirky, cute, clever, hilarious… these are all things that I hear mommy talk about when she’s reading Cecilie’s blog!  Mom knows Cecilie because she’s a dear friend of Bebay’s (my aunt) and she’s married to one of mommy’s best friends from high school, Karl.  This fun blog will have you in stitches, as she uses her phenomenal writing skills to tell you all about her new adventures as a mommy…. and might I add, she does it all in style!  Visit her bloggy only if you want to be thoroughly entertained… she’s GOOD and her new baby, Johnny…. he’s one handsome GERBER baby fo sho’!

fraze Numero CINCO… Running in the Delta… Laura Frazier Withers (she’ll always be “Fraze” to mommy) is one of mom’s favoritest peeps in the world.  She is a fun, witty, sweet southern belle from Tennessee – now living in Tunica, Mississippi.  Mom worked with her at the Opryland Hotel when we lived in Nashvegas.  “Fraze” blogs about lots of things in her life, including her sweet baby doggy – Reba, her cute cute house, her love of friends…. and most of all - - - her AMAZING dedication to healthy living.  She runs more marathons than anyone I know & I think it inspires mommy (just maybe not quite enough to run a marathon).  You’ll have to make it a point to head on over & see what Fraze is up to.  Where are ya running to next Fraze??

OK… so have you visited them all yet??…. what are you waiting for??…. Get going – you’ll be addicted!