Monday, June 14

three WHOLE months old!

My sweet little bean is already 3 months old... it seems like she just got here yesterday, but holy moly... she's getting so big so fast - I am afraid she's going to catch me soon. I hope not, because I really like being the big sis! Ardynn continues to be the smiliest baby I've ever seen... everywhere we go, people are so amazed that her tiny little mouth smiles SO BIG so often.... but I'm telling ya - who wouldn't smile if they had a great big sis like me to play with all of the time!?!?

Ardynn hits the sack about 9pm & wakes mommy up once at night (somewhere between 3am & 5am), but she goes right back to sleep & will usually sleep until about 8.30am or so... she's a sleeper, just like her big sis! Her daytime naps are not so long... she takes little "kitty cat naps" throughout the day - if I allow her to, that is! She enjoys being able to sit up and look around the room in her Bumbo seat a lot better than lying down on her back now... and she DOES NOT like to be rocked or held close... all of the adults have to hold her in a sitting position or out away from their bodies to keep her happy! She does not want to miss out on seeing one second of all of my nutty action. She does love to get in the swimming pool, but her tan is not quite as good as mine yet.... we'll keep working on that one. All in all, I'd say I'm a learnin' her pretty darn good ;o)

We have spent lots of time in the water lately... you can see some photos of me swimming with my floaties... I really like the freedom of being able to play around without daddy having to hold onto me. I even got brave enough to jump in & go under the water this past week.... and let me tell ya - it wasn't so bad. I want to do it "addin, addin!" (aka: again, again!) I like to celebrate each time I come back up to the surface, too!

I do have one more bit of information to share with all of you, although it could be a wee bit personal!?!?.... (close your eyes if you get at all squeamish reading poop talk... hahaha!) Oh well - what the heck..... drum roll please............I am wearing BIG GIRL PANTIES now! As of today, I have gone for about 3 whopping days without having an accident. What do you think about that, huh!!??? Mom still helps me out by reminding me to go quite often, but I am feeling like an awfully "big durl" (aka: big girl) these days!!

Hope you enjoy some of our pictures of summer swimming below. There are also a few from our trip to Big D for my cousin Scott's graduation. It was great to see all of my aunts & uncles again. On our way out of town, Uncle Mike took us to the Fort Worth museum, where we saw a sooper-dooper cool movie about animals on a gigantic screen. I've been talking about seeing those animals for a week+ now. They also had a children's section of the museum, where I was able to build with blocks, play in the water, and YES - - - go grocery shopping a real-live grocery store that was for us teeny folk. If the fuddy duddy adults had not been itching to hit the road home, I definitely think I could have done some MAJOR damage to daddy's credit cards in that grocery store. I loved picking out the fruits 'n' veggies, putting them in my shopping cart, cranking them on the conveyor belt, & scanning them... over & over & over again. Now - why in the world don't they have a mini-mart like that in San Angelo???