Sunday, October 24

pumpkin week kick-off

Halloween Week 2010 officially kicked-off this past weekend with Hadley & Judson's Spooooktacular Halloween Bash. Mr. & Mrs. Cash (their grandparents) hosted the event at their house and despite the tornadoes & wild amounts of rain we got that morning... they still managed to throw a fantastic party in their garage. Us kiddos played all kinds of fun games.... we golfed into a carved pumpkin... played ring toss onto a pumpkin stem... drew on chalkboard pumpkins... ate donuts hanging from a string WITHOUT using our hands... went on a ghost hunt.... whew!... it was a BLAST

In these photos, you'll get your first peek at Ardynn & my Halloween costumes. For several months, I was absolutely set on being a "horsey" for Halloween... in fact, I announced to everyone for months that I was going to be a horse & nothing but a horse. But, when mommy was searching for costumes on the Internet & trying to get my opinion on some different equine outfits.... I caught a glimpse of an adorable Minnie Mouse costume up in the corner of one of the pages she was searching. I immediately shouted that I was now going to be Minnnnnnnie Mooouuuse. Mom jumped at the idea (she was not so impressed with the looks of the horsey costumes available)... and ordered a skirt 'n' ears ASAP. Although I have teetered back & forth about being a horsey or Minnie over the last couple of weeks, I am quite happy with my decision. Minnie is my favoritest character these days... and I must say that the frilliness fits my little personality pretty well

Ardynn, on the other hand, has not been quite so picky about her costume. In fact... that sweet baby girl would probably be happy in just about anything we made her wear, but I am certain that she could not be any cuter than she looks in her strawberry costume. It is a wee bit big on her, but she looks good enough to eat... RIPE & JUICY!

The other photos are from the pumpkin patch at church... we took these pictures after our service this morning. It was pretty darn windy & we were pooped from our long weekend. I suppose we could have cooperated a litte better than we did, but good grief... mom thinks she has to take 5000 photos... and I am only good for the first 5 or so. She'll never learn ;o)... she even took a few more of Ardynn on our front porch when we got home... geezo beezo!

Lastly... take a peek at the couple of videos of Ardynn. She is thinking about crawling now, but won't bust out & get on the move just yet.... you'll see that she sits up & maneuvers around like a champ on her tooshy, but she's not so sure about moving around... don't think it will be long, though! I better lock up my toys!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Halloweeney week... we plan on it! Check back for more photos & excitement later... it is going to be a BUSY, BUSY week!