Saturday, September 20

it's my bebay's birthday

Woo Hoo!
It's your birthday, Aunt Bebay!
Where's my present?
Oh, wait... I forgot... I don't get presents on YOUR birthday, huh? Bummer.... I'm still learning about this birthday stuff.
JUST KIDDING.... hope you have a great day! HUGS!!!

Friday, September 19

girls just wanna have fun

Mia and I don't see each other much, (only every couple of days) so we decided that we needed a girls' day out. We don't require much $$$ to be spent (that'll soon change, daddies)... in fact, we were happy just to meet at Sonic for lunch & then spend the rest of the day napping & playing on the floor at Mia's house.

Below are a few pictures and videos from our day. In the 1st video... you may mistake my actions & think that I was trying to bite my friend. Now really.... I am so sweet & I LOVE my Mia... do you guys really think I would try to BITE her?? NEVER! I was simply leaning in to give her a lil "kiss" on the cheek. Needless to say - my mom was freakin' out, and they managed to keep me from doing any damage. It's a funny one - you'll like it!

You can also see us making some music with Mia's blocks and my old oregano bottle filled with popcorn (high dollar toys around the Lewright house - ha!). In the last video, you'll notice that we spent some time hollering out the window (aka: signaling for someone to rescue us). Gosh we're growing up super fast.... at least that's what we hear our mommies say all, every day! :o)

Wednesday, September 17

clap, clap, clap your hands

That's right.... I have been working on mastering my patty-caking skills (aka: clapping), so that I can cheer for my COWBOYS!!! Romo's been doing his job (and I must say - he's quite the looker, too) ... so as a good fan, a girl's gotta know how to clap for da' boys!. I've been practicing overtime on this one, guys!

I've also been saying "da da" a little bit more. I actually said "da da" months ago as my 1st words, but I've kept that one in my back pocket until lately. "Ma Ma" is getting a little overused, so I think I'll see if I can pull on daddy's heart strings a little now :o) - he he he!

Mom took me for a walk this afternoon.... it was such a gorgeous day outside! After the walk she caught me monkeying around a little bit in these videos. You can see me clapping & saying "da da" (if you listen closely). You might also notice that mom's been working with me on my flexibility, too.... ha ha - not really!

Other than that... the pictures are from yesterday afternoon... just dad playing around with his new camera again... enjoy ladies & gents!

Sunday, September 14

front row seat

Have you seen the latest Baby Einstein video?... it's a must see! Mom has not been playing videos for me much lately, but tonight - - she must have been really beat or something - ha! We were sitting on the floor by the couch, when I decided that I was tired of the cheap seats.... I needed to be in the front row, so - I boogied my little booty on up to the tv to watch. She pulled me back several times, but eventually just gave in & let me watch it up close & personal. Check out the video to see me practically put my nose on the screen.

Oh - and what's a movie without popcorn? Well... supposedly, I can't have popcorn just yet, but mom got out my banana puffs & I munched while we watched. Below, you can see some of the pix of me chowing down.

What a great show - you oughta rent it!