Thursday, March 26

...munchkin olympics - here i come!!!

It might not be much yet, but my floor routine gets better every day... I finally have a tumbling pass - - - a front roll! woot, woot! Ok, ok... so if I'm technical about it, I still need a spotter (aka: somebody to push me over) - but someday soon I'll be able to do it on my own.

For a few weeks now, mom has had me practicing my forward rolls. I have not yet quite figured out how to get my big tooshy pushed over yet, but I can certainly get myself into professional front-rolling position.

I enjoy doing rolls most of the time, in fact as soon as I hear the word - I get all excited and put my head on the ground. But... my dorky mom wants me to do about a million a day (you can hear her annoying voice in the videos below).... and I thought my daddy was the competitive one... ha! So when I've had enough, I let them know by shooting them one of my famous "scowls".

If you've seen me over the past few weeks, you know that I have also been perfecting this "scowl technique". Most all strangers that approach me are greeted with this face & even some loved ones. My grandmas keep warning me that if I don't stop making my stinker face... I'll have frown lines by the time I'm 2. Oh, well.... it's a good way to pout & to scare off strangers. Mom caught my scowl several times on camera tonight. Be afraid.... be very afraid!

Hope you enjoy the pix & the videos of my forward rolls... again, please ignore my mother's annoying coaching in the background... she's relentless!

Wednesday, March 25

... to texas to find a new home

So... I apologize for my brief hiatus from posting. My mom's been keeping me far away from the computer these days. Since my last post, several things have happened... we received a contract on our home in Nashville (after 3 days on the market), we made a trip to Texas, we house-hunted in San Angelo, and...... drum roll please........... we put an offer on a new home! Whew - - that was the super condensed version - - now let me give you the medium-length version :o)....

After we put our house on the market (Thursday before last)... we had several showings over the next couple of days. Mom would run around like a nutty person cleaning... load me up in the car, throw the doggies in the back, and we'd head off to who knows where for an hour or so. It was really no fun, because my toys were always stashed away in the closets & we'd have to drag them all out every day.

But - - our crazy cleaning sprees must have paid off, because after only a few days on the market... we received an offer on our home. It was a very reasonable offer, so - we took that baby & ran for the hills!!!! We hate to jinx it, because it does not close until April 20th... so, keep the good vibes coming... because in this market - who knows what could happen!?!?

After settling on a deal on our house in Nashville, we turned our thoughts to Texas. We flew out to Austin early, early last Tuesday morning. We took advantage of our stop in Austin, and had lunch at my great-grandma's house. I got to play her puppy, j.j., and my cousin, Josh. After lunch - we headed out for San Angelo in our rental car. The trip was good... I slept most of the way in the car.

On Wednesday morning, mom & dad had a hair appointment with Tonya. I was feeling left out & so.... I got my very first hair-cut, too....... ok, so I guess you cannot really call it a cut, because I did not really have much hair to cut, but mom just had her trim around my little ears & clean up my "mullet" in the back :o) Tonya was such a great sport & dealt with my squirming & mean looks.

After our hair make-overs on Wednesday morning, we headed out for some major house-searching.... it went on for 3 whole days..... uuuugggghhhh! Those crazy people drug me around to a million different houses - all over San Angelo. We searched high & low.... and thanks to the blessing of getting an offer on our home in Nashville, we were able to seriously look & consider them. Mom & dad fell in love with an older home in Santa Rita & I'll be darned if by the end of our trip - - THEY BOUGHT THE DARN THING. Again - we don't want to jinx anything... so we'll leave it at that for now... but more is to come on the house later!

House-hunting was not the only "hunting" we did...... While we were in SA with my grandparents, daddy thought it would be a good idea to practice my egg-hunting skills, so they could see me in action. He's so darn competitive... he was coaching me the whole time like it was a competition or something. I think he might have even been sneaking eggs out of my basket & re-hiding them.... geez, dad!

We also went to Julie & Jarrett's wedding while we were home. I was not in the best of moods, as it had been a really long week & I skipped my naps that day, but the ceremony & reception were both so beautiful. Julie was absolutely stunning and Jarrett was so sweet. I also got to meet another buddy - Carter... he's a cutie & his own blog, too... check it out on the link to the left (Maedgen Moments)! The service & reception were absolutely fabulous - - Julie did such a wonderful job & made the ceremony special. There were tons of kiddos that I loved watching & I got to meet lots of mom & dad's friends. Mommy's best friend, Sarah (Julie's big sis), has a blog, too.... and if you want to see more pictures from the wedding, click here.... Jon & Sarah's blog ... you might need to scroll down a little to see the wedding post.

Yesterday - we drove to Austin & flew back to Nashvegas late last night. The plane ride home was fun... I got my own seat - - you can see some pictures in the slideshow below. I was all over the place for the entire flight - talking to our neighbors - opening/closing the window - waving to the little girl across the aisle. I am sure that it was lots of fun for mommy & daddy... hehehe. Overall... the trip to Texas was great.... not restful, but great. I must say - all three of us were glad to be back to our own beds last night. Now begins the process of packing this baby up & finding a place to live for the last couple of months here in Nashville. Oh - it never slows down, huh?

I had a great time playing with DooDah's pooch, Bailey, but gosh it was late & I eventually started to get tired of the madness. This little clip will give you an eye into my little "tude".... oh, and I was trying so hard to say "Bailey" all night... you can hear a little bit of that toward the end, too!

This video will show you a few of my egg hunting skills...
it was great practice for the big day in a couple of weeks!

I was attempting to get past daddy, so that I could throw my ball into the water in the video below... it was pretty fun, but guess I'm not fast enough yet, because daddy caught me every time.
I'll be able to out run him soon.... very soon! :o)