Tuesday, August 31

toodeloo to ardynn's alfalfa!

Baby or not - mom & pops decided that it was high time for Ardynn to loose her comb over. She has had it since she was born & it was so cute when it was short & stood up on top of her head like my monkey's hair... but as it has gotten longer, her alfalfa sprout has started to fall over, leaving her looking like a mini Donald Trump. So... Sunday night, dad "shaved" it off with one of mommy's razors (to give it the "natural" look.. haha!) Don't worry... we kept her darling little lock of hair for her baby book.

So... now she is back to having a cute little cowlick that stands straight up on top of her head, but at least it is the same length as the rest of her hair...what little she has ;o) The photos here will be a good way to remember her Trump days!

I've also included a few photos from this past weekend. Courtney & Troy - our buddies from Nashville - came to San Angelo to visit. We had a lot of great fun while they were here... we're already ready to see them again!

*notice my beautiful art work in the pictures below...
i thought "my sissa" needed to be "dessed up"