Wednesday, May 12

monkeys DO EXIST!!

Daddio & Popi had a dental meeting in San Antonio this past weekend, so brave mommy decided we'd take advantage of it & make it a vacation ;o). So - she packed up (practically the whole house) and we took a "big trip" to San Antonio. I guess I am not quite big enough to visit the Alamo, but we did do lots of shopping (oh joy.) & on Sunday morning, we visited the ZOO!

You'll never guess, but... those animals that I have learned all about for my whole entire life... the ones that are in all of my books & on all of my puzzles - THEY DO EXIST! Among my favorites were the monkeys, who just as I expected - acted like goofy little creatures - swinging around in the trees & pouncing on their brothers 'n' sisters! I also can't stop talking about all of the "burrfies" (aka: butterflies) that I saw in the butterfly exhibit. But, as much as I liked to look at them, when one landed on my ponytail - I was VERY QUICK to "shoo it away" before mommy could get a photo. I was a little bummed that there was not a baby giraffe, but the mommy was pretty exciting. The rhinoceroses were pretty cool, too... slow movers, but we had fun watching them mosey around. Ardynn slept right through the entire trip to the zoo... come to think of it, she slept right through just about the entire trip. Golly - she missed out on some fantastic animals, but she pretty much just cares about food 'n' sleep these days ;o)

The hotel stay was much easier than I remember my last few experiences... I got my very own bed this time (hehehe... a secret for you - if you want a bed to yourself, all you have to do is move around a bunch, kick a few times, & whine/cry when someone gets in your way). We forgot to pack our portable crib, so poor little Ardynn slept in her reclined car seat, although it didn't seem to bother her much. ;o) It was a great trip... and I keep asking mommy why we cannot go back to see the "ammals" (aka: animals) every day.

Take a look at these photos from our trip... I have included some great ones from the zoo & some of my precious baby sis showing off her tummy-time skills on the hotel bed... isn't she a doll face?? There are also a few of us playing on the floor last night. Can you believe Ardynn is already 2 months old??? Geezo - time flies when we're all having fun & getting little sleep ;o) Mom takes the little bean to the doctor on Friday, so we'll give you an update on all of her stats 'n' such then!

Oh.. and ps - there is a little rumor floating around here that we'll be going to a small zoo in Abilene tomorrow with some of my friends... stay tuned for some MORE ANIMAL photos... woo hoo - I can't get enough!