Thursday, March 31

Ardynn... our 1 year old pipsqueak

Ardynn's one year well-baby visit was last Friday, and once again... the overachiever got gold stars from Dr. P. She weighs a whopping 17 1/2 pounds, landing her in the 3rd percentile for weight .... and is a staggering 27 1/4 inches, putting her in the 4th percentile for height. Our pipsqueak may not be the largest egg in the Easter basket, but she certainly is the golden one! ;o)

Despite the predictions I made in my last post, the bean has not upgraded her mode of transportation yet. She can walk when she wants to, but continues to rely on her super-speed crawling for the time being. She likes most foods (the ones that are not green), but is obsessed with mandarin oranges, tomatoes, and french fries. It is a little strange, but she's constantly looking for birds in the sky when we are outside... if you ask her "where are the birds?" ... she points her teensy weensy finger up to the sky, smiles, and grunts with joy. She still has her priceless little dimples on her chipmunk cheeks & shows them to anyone who makes eye contact with her. In addition to her tiny stature, she has feet the size of most 6 month olds (size 2)... it has been tough for mommy to find shoes for her little feet that can withstand any amount of crawling/walking.

What a blessing our little Ardynn Jessee is ... she is my bestest friend & the joy of our family! Enjoy these photos that mommy took after her check-up last Friday. She only picked a few of our sweet neighbors' flowers ;o)