Saturday, April 14

as far as the eye can see…

IMG_5486 On the Sunday before Easter, after church, we hopped in the car with Gingi & Popi and headed for Fredericksburg to eat lunch with Uncle Bryan for his birthday.  We could not make that drive without stopping to take a few ganders at the wildflowers along the route.  After some decent rains this spring, the Texas hill country is swarming with bluebonnets, poppies, & paintbrushes… I was so excited to get to see the bluebonnets; my teacher, Mrs. Coffey, has been teaching us all about them.  I asked mommy in the car… “did you know that the bluebonnet is our place’s special flower!?”   We stopped several times around Fredericksburg & Llano… and would you believe it if I told you that mommy took a million snapshots?  Lunch with Uncle Bryan & Caroline was delish… so glad they met us!  When we stopped after lunch, there was a small creek running through the area & we got to get our tootsies wet. You’ll notice that Ardy did a little more than “get her tootsies wet.”  It was a fantastic trip…. even daddy, who was a humbug about taking flower detours, admitted that it was worth the time… they were BEAUTIFUL!



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photography by Grier (I took these of Gingi looking out of our window)…

IMG_5585 IMG_5586


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