Saturday, August 16

georgia peach

So can you believe it?... we made yet another road trip this week. My nutzo parents took me to Atlanta. Well - it was worth another car ride, because I got to visit the place where they make blabla dolls. Do you remember my favorite mermaid that I love so much???... well, she is made by blabla. At the store, there were all kinds of soft, cuddly creatures - I loved them all & would kick my legs & scream when they let me hold them. I talked daddy into buying me 2 extra mermaids (backup for a rainy day) & a new froggy doll, too! You can see my new froggy in the pictures. I had just gotten out of the bathtub at the hotel, and was wrapped up in my towel on the bed. Oh - and I must add... anyone who might possibly be looking for a gift idea for Christmas or my birthday, need look no further than he he!... just a hint, grandparents :o).

We also went to the Georgia Aquarium (the largest in the world), where I saw all kinds of cool fishies! I was pretty interested for the 1st couple of hours or so... I saw sea lions, penguins, & beluga whales. It got a little boring after a while, so I took a little nap in my stroller for the last leg of our aquarium visit. Take a look at the pictures - it was tough for mom to get good shots, as the fish don't stand still - and for that matter, neither do I - ha! We also did some shopping & ate at great places in Hotlana. All in all, it was a fun trip & I can check off another state on my list. Do I make a cute Georgia Peach, or what?