Sunday, May 15


Thursday morning when we were getting ready for the day, after I put on this little dress, I remembered that Ardynn had one just like it. So naturally, I insisted that she put it on & look as darling as me :o) Mom is not necessarily a fan of dressing the bean & me in matching getups, but KK bought us these cute little outfits a while back… and even mom thought we looked cute enough to take a few photos. Everyone at Wally World thought we looked pretty darn darling, too! Oh… and how do you like my rainboots?? I picked them out all by myself… fashion trend coming soon to a baby store near you - - rainboots with a sundress on a hot summer day with not a cloud in sight! Trendsetter! Perhaps if everyone in West Texas would wear their rainboots, it would remind them all to PRAY FOR RAIN!!!