Thursday, April 2

rockin' to some rocky top

All of you Tennessee Volunteer fans ought'a be proud of this munchkin... I was doing a little jammin' to music on daddy's phone tonight, and when Rocky Top started up... you'd have thought somebody put ants in my pants.... a whole lotta booty bouncin' was a goin' on in da' Lewright casa!

Could it be a sign that my daddy will be paying out of state tuition for me to come back to the good 'ole Volunteer state to go to UT when I turn 18??? Hope he's started saving, cuz I'm thinking that highlighter orange just might be my color!

Apologies on the repeat dancing videos... I know you guys have seen millions of me shakin' the toosh, but mom just finds it so amusing... she must record it from time to time :o) The other video & the pictures are of nothing in particular... just me goofing around after dinner tonight. How do you like my genuine Target $1 pearls???