Friday, December 4

snow in san angelo???

Would you believe it if I told you that when I woke up this morning & looked out the window... I caught a glimpse of a 2 inch layer of cold, white, fluffy stuff all over the ground?? YES... here in West Texas! Daddy left SUPER EARLY this morning for a hunting trip & per mom, he was pretty upset about not being able to experience this RARE weather with me. Poor pops, those deer better be really big out there!

As we likely won't see this much snow again for quite some time... mom insisted that we at least take advantage of the photo op. She bundled me up as if we were in Alaska in 20 below weather... packed me up in the car... and drove us over to our new casa, so I could play in the snow. Now... as pretty & intriguing as the snow appeared this morning... once I was face to face with that cold, wet stuff, I have to say that it didn't excite me quite as much as when I was viewing it out the window in my warm, cozy pjs.

But, I slowly warmed up to the idea of walking around in the snow covered yard. I giggled a little & kicked some of it around, but became a little perturbed when the snow stuck to my precious new boots. As any true shoe-lover would do, I constantly made sure that my boots (and mom's boots) were brushed clean. I hope you enjoy the photos.... I missed ya today, daddy, but don't worry too much... you didn't miss any profound snowman building or anything... I'll wait until you can help me with that one! Hopefully we'll get snow again before I graduate high school. :o)

Wednesday, December 2

don't ya know... he says "ho! ho! ho!"

I'm guessing that it's not hot news to any of you guys that the jolly guy has a well-known Christmas expression, but thought I'd share a little video of my version of his jolliness :o) "Satee" can't come too quickly for this little girl!!

Sunday, November 29

a mini-twee designed by me

What a not-so-restful Thanksgiving holiday we had... we were busy, busy, busy, but it was so fantabulous to see so much of our family & to eat soooo much yummy poultry!

I have noticed over the past few days that peeps are throwing around the "SANTA" word a lot again. His name always seems to make an appearance around the time we eat the bird. I remember my visit to see him last year... I must admit, it makes me a little bit nervous to think about seeing that big dude with a beard, but I will also admit.... that all of this talk about toys does intrigue me. I've let mom & dad know that I would like for "Satee" (aka: Santa) to bring me a ball and a baby. I have learned that Satee's favorite phrase is "Ho, Ho, Ho" and will promptly let you know if you ask!

In addition to the "Satee" talk, I have developed a HUGE interest in all of the beautifully lit "twees" (aka: trees) that are lining the streets. My excitement peaked today when mom we were able to dig our mini-twee out of the storage unit (still filled with a good 80% of our lives). Mom got the "twee" for me after last Christmas with the intention that it would be our family's "kiddo tree" and that my future siblings & I will be able to decorate it however I like. We made a visit to the store, where I got to pick out ornaments for my mini-twee. After a little contemplating, I decided that I wanted only "peent" (aka: pink) and "bue" (aka: blue) ornaments for my mini-twee. I picked a few of my favorites & mom got crafty stuff to make snowflake garland.

After a chilly afternoon of raking and bagging leaves out of our tree-filled yards (a whopping 27 bags full to be exact), we returned home & began beautifying my "twee". First we strung foam snowflakes onto yarn to make a stunning garland. I looooove to string beads, so mom was correct to think that I'd like to make garland. I strung enough snowflakes to go around my "mini-twee" a few times and then we proceeded to hang all of the ornaments that I picked. My style is to hang as many balls on one limb as possible, so I did notice that mom was following after me to spread them out a bit... she's nuts. To finish off the decor, we topped my mini-twee with a "bue" sparkly star. She's a beauty! Mom took lots of photos, so have a look & let me know when you'd like for me to design your "twee". :o)

a few photos that we took this weekend in my new fun coat :o) ...