Thursday, August 6

hard to beat a tasty "welmeln"

Oh yeah... it's definitely summertime here in Texas & in case you haven't checked the San Angelo forecast lately, you should know that we've been seeing daily triple-digits.

Just the other night, after a swim in Popi & Gingi's pool, I discovered another great way to beat the heat.... nice, cold "welmeln" (aka: watermelon). I may not be such a pro at saying the word... it usually comes out more like "welmeln" or "melmeln", but I am definitely a pro at salting & eating it, as you can certainly tell from these photos.

A few of my other favorite words lately are....
"veesh" (fish),
"meese" (please),
"geeshi" (keecha, 1 of my dogs),
"nu no" (I don't know),
"zhoose" (shoes),
"baaeby" (baby),
"yoyoyo" (yogurt), and
"bubree" (blueberry).

In case you were wondering, I am starting to like gymnastics class more & more.... and playing with the kiddos at mother's day out is turning out to be pretty fun, too. But I must say that the best part about being back in San Angelo, is getting to see all of my wonderful grandparents all of the time. They all spoil me rotten & I love, love, love it!

Hope you're all having a great summer....stay cool & eat some "welmeln"... it is sure to hit the spot!