Friday, April 20

a hoppy, hoppy week it was

IMG_6188-001 Oh, how we love us some Easter-time around the Lewright house.  There were lots of festivities going on around here during the week leading up to Easter.  On Wednesday, Ardynn & I both had egg hunts at school.  Mom was asked to help with my egg hunt at the park, so she was not able to get any photos of the bean searching with her class, but she did get several of me & my little class.  Aren’t we darling!?

On Friday, we colored Easter eggs at our house… 6 dozen to be exact.  In case you’ve forgotten, my mom & my Bebay take their egg coloring very seriously!  They’ve passed their love for egg dying onto us, too…. we sat for a solid hour & painted, dipped, rolled, glittered, & stickered our eggs.  Although I thought that each one of them was special… I had no problem whacking them on the counter, peeling then, & chowing down…. hard-boiled eggs are one of my very favorite snacks… yummo!

Saturday, after my double-header soccer day, we went over to the Cash casa for an Egg Hung with a few of our fun family friends…. they even put money in some of the eggs.  It was a GREAT HUNT!

It rained Saturday night, so the Easter Bunny hid eggs in our living room… that sneaky, sneaky guy!  He also left us some mighty full baskets.  Good Bunny.  It was quite the busy Easter Sunday.  We woke up & followed the trail of eggs to our Easter baskets… got dressed & ready for church… went to church & had yet ANOTHER egg hunt during Sunday School… came home & took a few photos (imagine that!?)… changed into our comfy Easter attire… hunted eggs in our living room… ate lunch with DooDah & KK… and finally headed to Abilene for the annual Jacques Easter Celebration.  Geezo.  I am pooped even thinking about what a long day it was, but pooped or not pooped, we must remember….

Jesus has risen, so every day is EASTER!


Mrs. Coffey’s class easter hunt…




coloring eggs….



IMG_5826IMG_5829IMG_5831IMG_5835 IMG_5836IMG_5847IMG_5870IMG_5873





cash easter egg hunt…



IMG_6012IMG_6021IMG_6023IMG_5998 IMG_6014

Easter Sunday…



IMG_6052IMG_6055IMG_6056 IMG_6057 IMG_6058


IMG_6094IMG_6096IMG_6098IMG_6100 IMG_6109 IMG_6112

IMG_6121 IMG_6138

IMG_6143IMG_6145IMG_6142 IMG_6152

(photography by grier…below) 


IMG_6191 IMG_6194 IMG_6195 IMG_6198 IMG_6201 IMG_6202 IMG_6204 IMG_6206 IMG_6208IMG_6207IMG_6210 IMG_6212 IMG_6214 IMG_6217  IMG_6227IMG_6219IMG_6220

IMG_6223 IMG_6224