Saturday, February 27

snow & horses... what a week

Let me begin by apologizing for the lack of posts lately... we've moved AGAIN (making the millionth time this year)... and this time it is FOR GOOD! Now that the computer is up & running in our new casa, I thought I'd give you a quick update of the past week.... I don't have a lot of time, as we've got another busy weekend, so forgive me for being short today!

Just after our move, we got a BIG FAT SNOW SURPRISE... 4 whole inches right here in San Angelo, Texas (and I thought we were moving to the desert!?). I watched those flakes fall all morning out our living room window with anticipation of getting out to romp a little. Tons of kiddos in our neighborhood were out playing, but mom was sick with a chest cold & wouldn't really brave the elements with me. I was beginning to think that I'd miss out on the whole event when good 'ole daddy showed up at lunch!!! ;o) He doesn't always get to leave the office, so I certainly lucked out! We tromped around, made snowballs, ate some (clean) snow, ambushed mommy.... I was in heaven & didn't much want to wrap up the lunch hour. What a fun surprise down here in these hot parts of our world (thank goodness for GLOBAL WARMING, eh!?)

Amidst all of the crazy moving, unpacking, & organizing this week, as we race to beat my new bro or sis whose inevitable appearance looms around the corner, we also found time to head to the RODEO with Gingi, Popi, & Bebay! After my good pal, Sydney's, birthday party last night - - we headed to the stock show & rodeo. Oh man - - was I in heaven! Animals galore! Despite mom & dad's worries that I would not make it through the whole show (running several hours past my bedtime)... I was absolutely GLUED to the arena the entire show. I loved watching all of the "hauses" & "baby tauws" (aka: horses & baby cows). I was not a huge fan of the freaky clown, but other than that - I must say that the rodeo was gets an A+. Guess you'll be able to tell by my HUMONGOUS eyes in all of the photos. ;o)

After the show, even at the late hour, dad could not resist taking me through some of the stock show... I got a good look at some fat piggies & some baby goats... I was in heaven! On the way out the gate - we grabbed a big 'ole turkey leg & a funnel cake, just so I could have the whole experience, I suppose. Whoa - it was fantastic!

As an update... mom's latest doctor appointment was yesterday... she has begun to show signs of labor, so my sibling could be here ANY DAY NOW... I can hardly wait! I'll keep you guys posted & will post photos as soon as possible...stay tuned.