Thursday, September 4

brushing & flossing keeps dentists away

I don't suppose I'll be able to stay too far away from my dentists :o)! As you can imagine - now that I have a couple of chompers, my daddy makes sure that they are sparkly clean before I go to bed at night. The 1st video shows my daddy brushing my teeth & gums - you can hear them squeak.

... but brushing isn't all! When it comes to flossing, my popi always says.... "only floss the ones you want to keep"... so he & the girls at his office will be happy to know that I am taking the advice seriously. Although I have not actually taken any floss out of the container, I have found that the little box itself makes a pretty good chew toy. It smells minty... I like it! Mom has even caught me digging in my toy basket to find the floss, hence the picture. Check out the 2nd video for a glimpse of my "flossing technique".

The other videos are of me goofing around in my bouncer toy. If you've not yet heard me "talking"... you can hear me in these! Now that I can move around, I don't much like to be restricted to it, but every so often - it's ok for a little while. After all... I have to make daddy think that it was worth the $$$ he spent on it... otherwise I'm afraid he'll quit buying me any toys.... bwaa ha ha!

Tuesday, September 2

happy, happy birthday, daddy!!!!!

Today is my daddy's birthday! I want to let him know that he should not be down today... even though he is one year away from being 30, I still think he's the most handsome, fun, cool dad a girl could have! I can't wait for you to come home from class today, because I want to give you a big slobbery birthday kiss!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

I love you very, very much!