Tuesday, June 1

pizza partaaay play date

We invited my bestest buds from our Tuesday play group over for a pizza baking party this week & I've been asking mommy for days now if... "my kiddos comin' make pizza taday, mom??"..... welllll - the day FINALLY came!! We had a great time making our own miniature pizzas out on our back patio. We each had our own little bowl of sauce & cheese to spread out onto our dough... then we added mini pepperonis for the final touch before mom put them into the oven to get nice & melty! After we enjoyed our masterpieces, we ate popsicles & played with all of my toys. Aaaah... what a fun afternoon we had. My friends in these photos are... Hadley & Judson Hallmark - Kora, Alyse, & Isabella Hryb - Cheylee & Brady Stewart - and Blaize Benson.

The other photos are from last week... You'll notice that Ardynn is getting pretty good at sitting up in her Bumbo... she certainly is a happy, smiley baby lately... I cannot get enough kisses from her ;o)