Tuesday, October 27

"punties" & jack-o-lanterns

Our visit to the "punty" patch (ok - so my pronunciation lacks a little clarity, so for those of you who don't speak my lingo... "punty" = pumpkin) this year was a pretty good one. Although I did not get to bring home all of the gourds & "punties" that I wanted, I did have fun showing them all to my mom, dad, & K.K. We didn't have to go far... our church has a patch 'o' jacks every year... so mom changed my clothes after Sunday's service & let me explore!

My favorites were the "baaeby punties" and the ugly, gnarled gourds. I was good at differentiating between the "biiiig" ones & the "baaaeby" ones. I also would announce each and every "boo boo" (aka: warts, scars) that each of the "punties" had suffered & kiss them to make them better if the "boo boo" warranted a kiss. After all of the exploration & photos, I was ready for a nice loooong nap to recuperate that afternoon. The parentals were glad that I slept so long, because it allowed them to work outside in the yard at our new casa.

After my nap (in my own bed, with my own toys, in my own room, @ my own house, which was so very, very nice & comfy.... sorry to ramble, but it does not happen very often any more, as we're moving from home to home lately), we got busy decorating our chosen "punties".

Mom & dad carved theirs, although somehow we did not get final photos of those!? You can watch for them later. I on the other hand, used one of my favorite decorating tools..... STICKERS :o) Mom directed me a little & I stuck all of the face stickers onto my "punty".... she turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. A couple of the facial features may be a little "off", but I think it was a good effort... ha! Mom added some curly hair to her for the finishing touch. I had so much fun decorating my Jack, that Gingi donated another of her "punties" so that I could decorate a 2nd one.

The "punty" decorating would not have been complete without enjoying some Halloween candy at the same time... so they let me have a l"punty" lollipop & a few packages of smarties (that just might have been the best part of the whole process).

Now.... I'm all set for the big "punty" day. My outfit is finished & I am SUPER ready to collect all of my sugary, sticky, gooey goodies. We're heading out tomorrow for San Antonio, so that daddy can shoot in the National Sporting Clay Meet, but we'll be back in time for some trick-or-treating Saturday night.... watch out San Angelo!

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