Sunday, November 22

gym rat

Out of the multitude of things we've packed into the past couple of weeks, the gym is the only place where mom's pulled out the trusty old camera. I am ALWAYS excited to go to gymnastics on Saturday mornings & in my opinion, I've much improved my skills.

I am constantly "front rolling" around the house & will have her post a video just as soon as she gets a chance. A few of the many things that I've learned to do all by myself are a straight sit, a straddle sit, a tuck sit, a butterfly sit, and bear crawls. I am
working on learning how to jump. I am not sure why, but getting both feet off of the ground is not as easy as it looks. I think that my mom loves most that I am learning to point my toes. Sometimes I have to reach down with my hands & help my toesies point all the way.

I hope that all of you peeps have a yummy holiday. I'll be sure to remind mom to pull out the camera for some face stuffing photos. I might even sneak it away from her to get you a belly pic.... that baby in her belly sure is growing. I love to hug & kiss her belly.... and any time I am asked if we are having a boy or a girl, I declare that it is a SHOE or a PUPPY. I usually get a good laugh, so I think I'll keep joking with people :o)

Gobble, Gobble!!