Wednesday, May 4

wreaths aren’t just for Christmastime

Mom is not yet convinced that it is a good thing that I want to be her clone lately… I think that she sometimes wishes I weren’t quite so impressionable, especially when she has her less than mommy-like moments (if you know what I mean!?!?) Although mom swears that it is not on purpose… very often, you’ll find us dressed in coordinating outfits or with matching messy pony tails …. yup - Daddy calls me her “mini-me”. :o)!

So… it should not have surprised mom when I wanted to copy her latest project, too. We went to Hobby Lobby this week (a rare trip to a store where I am not normally invited) to get some materials for a new wreath to replace our Easter Egg Ring that mom finally took down on Monday. While she was debating on what size wreath to get for her project, I picked out a tiny little wreath of my own & declared that I was going to “deco-wate it with a bunch a stuff”.

Mom put her wreath together while I was sleeping on Monday night…. and when I got ready to “deco-wate” my wreath on Tuesday morning, I told her exactly what I intended to do with mine. We wrapped it with ribbon just like hers… and then I requested a flower for mine, just like the flower on hers… so, she helped me make one out of her leftover ribbon. Just when she was putting the little hanger on the top & thought I was ready to display it outside… I informed her that it did not have the finishing touches yet. I drug out my glitter glue & proceeded to add a little bling to my wreath… you’ll see the photos of me adding the sparkles… everything is better with glitter, right!? I am watching you, mommy… you and all of your crazy craft projects, too.

Wadda you think of our new wreaths??… my mommy loves her a wreath on our front door… after all - - wreaths aren’t just for Christmastime!

glittering it upIMG_6192




Tuesday, May 3

never enough photos, right!?!?

I’ve asked it before & I’ll ask it again… when in the world are my parents going to understand that a thousand photos a month is quite unnecessary?? As if we don’t put up with enough flashes on a daily basis at our home, they drag us to a photo place to let strangers snap a few, too.

The story was that they wanted to get some professional pics of little Ardy around the 1 year mark (geezo… isn’t my mom a “professional” by now??… not sure what the credentials are, but she’s certainly met the requirement for # of shots!!!). Anyhoo… this time was much less painless than the last time. Other than Ardynn walking off of the set about 97 times (she’s just a show-off these days) - - - we were happy & smiley… not to bad, if I do say so myself!

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