Monday, September 26

“where have we been?” you might ask…

IMG_8135 …and a good question that would be! Where in the world have we been for the past month?? Honestly, we’ve had so much stuff happening, there is no good way to write it all out, so I’ll just have to show you in photos. Life is wild ‘n’ crazy and we are soaking up every second.

Our mini bean, Ardynn, hit her 18 month mark a couple of weeks ago, and her life, though simple & precious, is certainly no less busy than any of the rest of ours. I have heard mom say to people repeatedly that Ardynn is in constant, perpetual motion for every second that she’s not sleeping…. and that is NO exaggeration. She is busy, busy, busy! She is also finally starting to say a few more words… “da da” (aka: daddy), “da” (aka: dog), ma ma (aka: mommy), “uh oh”, “kac kac” (aka: quack, quack), “haaat” (aka: hot), “maow” (aka: meow), “nana” (aka: banana), “eesh” (aka: keys), Eeetaa (aka: keecha – our dog)... and many other words that are not as understandable to the older human ear. She is still a tiny little thing, wearing 12 month clothes & a size 3 shoe. We take her for her 18 month appt. next week, so we’ll give you an update on her percentiles then, although… what she lacks in size, she most certainly does NOT lack in personality. Her teachers at Kids’ Day Out & at bible study absolutely love her. They comment constantly about her sweet nature & spunky attitude.

As for yours truly, I had lots of firsts over the past month… my first day of preschool, IMG_8284b my first day of ballet & tap class, and perhaps the most anticipated by my daddy…. my first dove hunt! I am loving my new big kid class at school, where I am in Ms. Coffee’s class with several of my friends from KDO last year. I go to dance class on Mondays and gymnastics on Tuesdays. Dad had thought we might try to add soccer into my mix next season, but when mom & dad asked me about soccer, I let them know in no uncertain terms that “no… I not gonna play soccer. I just gonna do ballet and gynnastics….. and shoot with daddy. Oh, and be a mommy to my babies.” I am not sure where they got the idea that I would want to play soccer!? We’ll see if that’s the end of that conversation!?

Well… I’ll give you mini updates on the pix below, otherwise… I’d be here all day! Hope all is well with your world. I will make a little better attempt at updating this not-so-captivating blog from now on. Happy Fall!

a night out at the ballfield

ardynn sat down for a total of about 10 minutes… the rest of the time was spent going up & down & up & down & up & down the steps… mommy was beat after the game!

IMG_7778 IMG_7780 IMG_7781

IMG_7786IMG_7782 IMG_7792


playdate with jordan

we played dress up & play dough & made sugar cookies…. FUN FUN!

IMG_7747 IMG_7750 IMG_7754

IMG_7755 IMG_7765 IMG_7770

pool party with the hallmarks & stewarts…

IMG_7816 IMG_7823IMG_7807

IMG_7889 IMG_7898

helping daddy mow the grass & mommy clean the front door

IMG_7834IMG_7840 IMG_7830

fun in the sprinklers

IMG_7859 IMG_7862 IMG_7868IMG_7877 IMG_7883 IMG_7854

helping daddy put together some new furniture

IMG_7911 IMG_7917IMG_7913IMG_7919IMG_7914 IMG_7921

just choppin’ & cookin’


supper club with friends at the Hallmarks’

IMG_7937IMG_7941IMG_7942IMG_7943IMG_7938IMG_7944IMG_7950 IMG_7955IMG_7965 IMG_7971 IMG_7967

playdate with my long lost buddy

Syd & her family moved to Fort Worth, so it was fantastic to see her when she came in town for a visit with her gma & gpa


daddy’s birthday party… old man!



our new neighbor, Rudy, had a fun dress up birthday party… check out our outfits :o)



our first day of school… 2011






dove time!

I loved every second of my first hunt… the gunfire ain’t no thang for this girl… I am already begging daddy for a pink gun! … I hung out on the golf cart and killed flies while daddy & popi killed birds, and then helped clean the birdies when they were all done…. we even ate those yummy suckers… tasty!

IMG_8161 IMG_8170IMG_8171 IMG_8193 IMG_8189IMG_8198 IMG_8199 IMG_8200IMG_8203 IMG_8224 IMG_8222IMG_8225IMG_8226IMG_8227


first ballet/tap class

I am IN LOVE with my dance class… I am not sure what took mom so long to get me started??… I have been telling her for forever that I wanted to be a ballerina… and it is even better than I could have imagined. As it turns out, I am taking class from Catherine, the same teacher that taught mommy for many, many years when she was little. At first, I declared “but no mom…. I don’t want your old teacher… I want a new teacher.” I don’t know what I was thinking!? I looooove Miss Catherine!!

IMG_8243IMG_8244IMG_8245IMG_8246 IMG_8248IMG_8252IMG_8255

Just a few random photos from the past few weeks…

IMG_8258 IMG_8257 IMG_8260IMG_8265 IMG_8274IMG_8267 IMG_8276 IMG_8277 IMG_8278 IMG_8280IMG_8282 IMG_8284IMG_8289IMG_8296IMG_8297IMG_8300IMG_8306IMG_8304IMG_8307 IMG_8310IMG_8312 IMG_8313IMG_8318IMG_8319IMG_8320

IMG_8324 IMG_8326