Saturday, February 5

love, cookies, & friends

Mommy decided to have a last minute play date, so we called last night & invited Sydney & Mimi Carlisle over to decorate Valentine cookies this morning... sugar, sugar, & more SUGAR!! Mom put pink & red icing in squirt bottles and pulled out all of the sweet toppings she could find in our pantry. Much to mom's surprise, the cookie decorating actually held our interest. We didn't stop until we had decorated about 3 dozen cookies with an overload of sugary decorations. Needless to say - we certainly were NOT shy with the toppings... and we also were sure to taste test all of them as we went along (we did not want to use any ill tasting toppings on those cookies, right!?)

After all of the cookies were overdecorated, we ate some grilled cheese sandwiches and played with my window stickers on the front windows. It was a great day with fun friends! Watch out... your mouth may be watering if you look too closely ;o)

white fluff 'n' stuff

As you can imagine, West Texans are not accustomed to temps below 50 degrees, much less temps below 20 degrees. This week started off with a toasty 70 degrees on Monday, but by the time I woke up on Tuesday morning... there was a thick layer of the white fluffy stuff all over the ground. I was itching to get out into the snow all morning... I told Ardynn and Sage all about it as we looked out the window at our neighborhood friends playing.

As soon as Ardynn fell asleep for her morning nap, mommy bundled me up (that's really an understatement.. I was far beyond "bundled up") and we headed out to play in the fluff. I was not at all slowed by the fact that the wind chills were in the single digits... mom had to force me to come inside to thaw for a little while before daddy got home for lunch. After a little bit of yummy soup, we re-bundled me... turned Ardynn into a little Eskimo baby... and headed out for some more wonderland fun. Sweet little Ardynn was NOT a fan of the arctic temps. You'll notice her unhappiness in the photos below ;o) Sage, on the other hand, has been a big fan of the cold. She loves running around & digging pecans out of the snow. It has been super cold since Tuesday, so the snow is still holding strong, but it's too bad it may be years before we see this much fluff again.

The snow made for some fun photos, so enjoy!.... and stay warm, peeps!