Sunday, August 14

it’s a SCORCHER!

Whew… I am not sure about the rest of you, but we are BURNING ALIVE down here in Texas! The temps are breaking records left ‘n’ right… leaving me, mom, & the bean stuck inside where we won’t die of a heat stroke, but a wee bit STIRCRAZY.

So… on Monday night, before daddy took off to his soccer game, he hosed us down with the water hose in the front yard. Ardynn, who up until just recently, refused to let her princess feet touch the grass, actually joined in the fun. Sage, our not-so-little-anymore little sister (dog) also thoroughly enjoyed the hosing.

On Wednesday, after an early morning trip to the gym… I turned on my “grier charm” & begged mommy with enough oomph, that she gave in & said we could play outside. We had a good time for a little while, but after a good 45 minutes of bubbles, stroller pushing, and ball throwing… we were all melting. We promptly headed inside & I informed mommy that I was “just way too hot to eat lunch.” I wasn’t joking… I actually told her that I thought I needed to nap & cool off IMG_7667before I felt like eating anything…. and that’s just what I did! Whew… it really is too hot outside to play this summer.

Finally, this morning… God sent us the MUCH MUCH MUCH NEEDED rain that we’ve been praying for daily. Boy… God knows how to answer prayers! He sent us more rain today than we’ve seen all year and he dropped our temps by about 25 degrees. Thank you, Lord!

We spent the first part of the morning watching the rainstorm from our living room, but couldn’t be stopped for long… when the lightning passed, we put on our not-so-used rain gear & headed out to splash in some mud puddles. woo hoo! You’ll see that we had a blast sending boats & rubber duckies down the “river” on our street. Sage once again joined in the fun & loved splashing about in the puddles ‘n’ such (perhaps even more than we did). I have included a funny video of Artie at the bottom here… take a look at just how much Ardynn loved playing in the rain – even when she walked out of her rainboots (there was no stopping her)!  (*not to worry… mom & dad NEVER let us play in the street… the rain made for a SPECIAL exception!) 

Today was a PHENOMENAL break. It almost gave us a taste of what it’ll be like it if ever cools off down here… hopefully by Christmas we’ll be out of the 100s??


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