Monday, March 21

walking!? you be the judge

The bean was workin' it for a banana outside tonight. Silly mom was attempting to get her to walk by dangling a banana in front of her pretty little face, so naturally - we had to get it on video & camera. She has been thinking about walking REALLY hard over the past few days... you'll see that she is taking several small, cautious steps by herself now..... yeeeeeah, Ardy! Check out the kool new kicks on her little feet... think they will help her run faster & jump higher!?!?You might also catch her smacking her little lips a few times in these videos... that's her signal for "gimme some food, peeps!"

Oh... and while we are at it.... do you like our new steps & sidewalk?? We just had the stairs refaced & a new sidewalk poured... much improved, I'll say!

Hope you like these videos 'n' photos of the bean on her own two feet!