Friday, August 28

ruidoso, ruidoso... to see a big horse

Last weekend, we hit the road for New Mexico - and what a fantastic idea it was! We enjoyed being outside in the cooler temperatures & found lots of fun things to do.

We stayed in a super nice cabin, surrounded by a little 9 hole par 3 golf course, that made for a great playground! The first day we arrived, we putted around the course for a little while.

The horse races were the big event of the weekend... holy moly - those horses were big & fast. I learned very quickly that each time they'd play "the call to post" music... it was followed by the parade of the horses in the race. No matter my position - playing, eating, or sleeping - I'd pop up, make an excited face, & watch for the horses to walk by in front of us. As soon as the horses started to race.... I'd hear everyone cheering & immediately start yelling "doe! doe! doe!" (aka: go! go! go!).

It was evident that I didn't even really understand the concept, because even after the horses had finished racing & were headed back to the stalls... I could still be heard loud & clear yelling, "doe! doe!"

On our way home, we stopped at a sunflower field that mom & popi had spotted on the first leg of our trip. As you can imagine... I was forced to take hundreds of photos in the hot sun with thousands of sunflowers & bees. I guess they turned out pretty cute, but really - - all I cared about was collecting the small rocks off of the ground (my new passion is rock collecting, for those of you who were not aware).

We had a fantastic time in Ruidoso... hopefully we will go back to that place often! Mom put together a slide show of the photos from last weekend... hope you like them!