Monday, February 15

hearts & hearts & more hearts

So... did your lovey dovey give you some good stuff for "balatime" day??? ALL of my lovey dovies certainly pulled through for me! After gymnastics class on Saturday morning, we had some major work to get done at our house, so we started to dig into some of our kitchen boxes.

Lucky me got my "balatime" gift from mom & dad early, as they predicted that it would keep me busy for some of the weekend. What a good prediction that was, because I was super content to make some killer artwork with all of my new art materials for a good part of the day.... I got new crayons, colored pencils, markers, stickers, & paper... and best of all - - a new easel! Yahoo!

Before church on Sunday morning, mom made us heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes. After checking out the photos below, you're likely to notice that I didn't care for them much at all ;o) ...yeah right... now that's my kind of breakfast food! We got a few photos after church, too - - notice how much I snuggle with mom's tummy. By the way... I should let it be known to all that I have made my very confident prediction that mommy will be having a BOY in a few weeks... I tell her several times a day that it is a "baby boooooy". So - hope you all won't be too surprised, as I am pretty darn certain. Take notes.

Hope your HEART day was fantastic... we worked on house projects almost all weekend, so there was very little time for romance, but we are hoping to begin staying in our house again this week. Daddy has agreed to make dinner for mom in our brand new kitchen soon... wish him luck ;o) Bunches of love to all of you!

before my mom's day out valentine's party on Wednesday

helping with some cleaning & organizing on Friday

playing with my "balatime" art present

messing around at the house

heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes... yummo!!!

after church...