Tuesday, October 4

books before bed…

IMG_8479-1 As nutty as we’ve been lately, our book before bedtime routine has flown the coop on nights when we’re running behind…. but tonight after bath… we had time to read!  We sat on my bed & tried to read a couple of stories – The Napping House and Mary Had A Little Lamb.  Ardynn’s perpetual motion seems to get in the way during most of our book readings.IMG_8490   She simply cannot sit still for more than 30 seconds… book or no book.  So… she made it through the first (sort of), while mommy snapped a few shots of us in our matching pjs, and then she retired to her crib for the night while we read our second book and said my nightly prayers.

It was a nice evening to end a fun-filled day.  Mom thought it might be a good idea to share my prayer before bed tonight…

“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, angels watch me through the night, and keep me in their blessed sight… Thank you God for my mommy and my daddy and for my little sister.  And just thank you Lord for no bad wolves and no monsters… and no snakes – but, like,  snakes are not bad, because they eat other yucky animals ‘n’ stuff – and thanks for butterflies and lady bugs; I like those because they are nice.  And just thank you Lord for my Gingi and KK and DooDah and that Popi’s back will feel better…. and for Sydney.  Amen.”

Ok… hitting the sack now… I gotta get my beauty rest!  :o)