Friday, March 15

how can it be??… our bean is THREE!

IMG_7403-001  It would not be an exaggeration to say that our little Ardynn Bean was the most excited person in the history of the world about her birthday.  For weeks, she let everyone know that “my birfday already soon” (what she was trying to say was… “my birthday is almost here!”).  When mom asked her what kind of party she wanted to have, there was NO HESITATION… she wanted Elmo & orange (her very favoritist color is orange).  Luckily, Elmo has an orange nose… so the Elmo/Orange theme worked perfectly.

Mom also considered inviting only family to her party this year to keep things small, but the bean had other ideas.  She often named off her birthday invite list.  She’d say “my fiends come my birfday: cash, rheagan, jaylee, berky….”  So we added a few of our best family friends to the shindig & rented a BIG HUGE blowup slide for the backyard.

The party was a success… she had a blast on her slide & loved that all of her friends came.  She was a little nervous about blowing out her candles & refused to wear the big hat my mommy made for her to wear (Bebay finally coaxed her into wearing it for a photo later in the evening).  But, we eventually got the candles extinguished together & she had herself a big ‘ol piece of her orange frosted chocolate cake.  She thought each of her gifts was perfect… you’ll be able to tell from her reactions in the photos.  It’s tough to believe that our little Ardy is three years old… and that in a matter of weeks, she’ll be a big sister!  whoa.


IMG_7209IMG_7207  IMG_7211

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