Monday, October 31

can i get a pumpkin or thirteen?

IMG_8689-2  It is no secret that my mom has a thing for pumpkins.  She starts itching to put out our Halloween /Atumn  decor in early September, but we somehow managed to keep her in check until October this year :o)  As always – our church had their annual pumpkin patch this year & we made our yearly visit for a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago.  Ardynn was her usual non-stop-self… running around the pumpkins.  Mom was barely able to work her camera trigger finger quickly enough to catch the bean in action.  I, on the other hand, was happy to pose for photos… he he.  We picked out 101 pumpkins for our porch and mom took 101 photos for the blog… I’d say our punkin' patch visit was a success.

Keep an eye out for the photos of the bean & me in our spooky costumes tonight… happy halloween to all!!

IMG_8656IMG_8652 IMG_8654

IMG_8658IMG_8649IMG_8655  IMG_8657  IMG_8659IMG_8670IMG_8673IMG_8674 IMG_8680IMG_8680-1IMG_8689-3IMG_8689IMG_8681IMG_8683IMG_8690

IMG_8641 IMG_8642 IMG_8643

IMG_8727IMG_8728 IMG_8730IMG_8691