Monday, August 10

washer pitchin' for Mr. Sean

This past weekend, some of daddy's friends held the First Annual Concho River Shootout, a washer pitching tournament in memory of daddy's buddy, Sean Sparks. All of the proceeds were donated to the Texas Exes Scholarship Fund in his name. There was an awesome turnout... lots of friends gathered to pitch washers and talk about old times and memories.

I never quite got the hang of how all that washer pitching actually works, but from what I understand, it's quite the rage around these parts. Daddy said that he started pitching washers back in high school, and that anytime his old friends get together... that's the game of choice. Daddy & his partner, Mr. Shay, did pretty good... they didn't win the whole shebang, but they did win a couple of games before being eliminated by the 2nd place team. I was there to cheer him on (aka: cause a few panic attacks by approaching the pitching stations several times, while the games were in progress). Geez - I just wanted to hug my daddy... never knew it might cause such a ruckus. :o)

I had a blast gathering all of the non-used washers, chasing the dogs in attendance, playing with the ladder ball games, swinging on the swing, sipping H2O from a (plastic) wine glass, and buddying up with my new pal, Brady. I think I made my parents proud, because even though it was pretty darn hot & there was a LOT going on, I hung in with the adults from 5.00 until 9.30 without any fussing & major break-downs. Just take this girl outside - give her a dog & some people to entertain.... and she won't let ya down, I tell ya!

Mom said she got some good shots of this washer "gatherer", but not any of the competitive washer pitchers... how does that happen??? Anyhoo.... enjoy!