Saturday, January 17

woot! woot! mia's ONE, too!

I'd like to wish a very happy, happy first birthday do my bestest bestest bestest buddy, Mia! Today was her party & boy was it a BLAST! There were candy jars, fruit, cupcakes, ice cream, & chocolates as far as the eye could see! Mia partied like a champ... she opened a buzzillion presents, ate her big 'ole cupcake cake, mingled with all of her friends, and looked fabulous doing it all (how does she do it?)! I am very glad I did not get left off of the invite list, because this is one party I didn't want to miss! I have included some of the pictures from the party & one from before the party (where you can see I was trying to get a peek at her gift - but mom quickly stopped me - bummer!). As soon as I get more pictures... I'll post the link to the album, so you can see them all!

Mia's sweet Aunt Vicki & Uncle Donald even brought me a birthday gift, too. They are so thoughtful... and they're pretty good present-pickers, I might add! I got a new Sesame Street purse... it has lots of goodies inside... including a tube of hot, red lipstick. I was caking it on my lips all night! Check out the video below to see more of my purse. Thank You, Thank You Aunt V & Uncle D!

Mia - I hope that today was all your little heart desired... they say that we probably won't remember most of our big days, but just for the record... it was a FABULOUS BASH & I am so thankful to be your friend. Welcome to the world of ONE. Wuv you!

click HERE to see all of the pictures from Mia's Birthday Bonanza!

me??? - a future gymnast?

People are constantly commenting about or questioning whether or not I'll be a gymnast when I grow up. I have been told that my mommy was a dancer /gymnast & coached gymnastics for lots of years - so I suppose they naturally assume I'll be pushed in that direction (hahaha!).

Well... I'm not sure about what the heck gymnastics is yet, but I sure am fond of the new CVG hoodie that Coach Todd got me for Christmas... it's great for "tumbling" (aka: stumbling) around the house! Coach Todd is a pretty cool guy... I liked him back when I was 3 months old & mom took me up to the gym in San Angelo. He let me "walk" on the beam at his gym & even let me interrupt his team practice to say "hello" to all of the girls. I've included a few pictures of me in my new hoodie & a few from my visit to the gym, too.

I do think it is pretty funny & laugh at mommy when she does handstands in our living room (don't tell her, but daddy says she's not as good as she used to be - tough crowd, eh?).... So, I am guessing that it is a little early to tell if I'll make a good gymnast, but if flexibility or the ability to climb onto and over things are any indication...I've got at least a shot at it. We'll just say - there's a good chance I'll be hittin' that gym just as soon as we're back San Angelo in a few months. If he'll have me, that is :o). You can see from my pictures, I am not afraid of heights & can kick my leg up to my head whenever I so desire. The gracefulness is not quite my forte yet, but... perhaps I can work on it?

me on the beam (I was almost 3 months) & with Coach T

pictures with mommy's past gymnast crew (over Christmas holiday)

if there's a basket to be climbed... I'm your girl!....

more of me in my cool hoodie....

Sunday, January 11

the paparazzi has returned

Golly Gee... just when a girl thinks she's escaped going back to the studio for another photo shoot... she gets drug back by her coattail. I suppose it will come as no surprise to all of my readers that my parents wanted even more pictures of me. Yeah, yeah... I'm only this age once & all ... blah, blah, blah.

Anyhoo... once again - I had no plans of making this experience painless for them. For the first 10 minutes... I put on a great show... pouty faces, a few tears, frowns, screams, a few more tears, sulking... the whole shebang! I even heard the photographer whispering something along the lines of "do you think it's me she doesn't like"... hahahaha!

Just as they were about ready to throw in the towel & reschedule, my Aunt Jessica arrived. Whew... a familiar face (besides my 2 parents, who were running around with teddy bears & over-sized rubber duckies on their heads, like terrible rodeo clowns). Sweet Jessica stretched out her arms & gave me a big bear hug. She made me feel a little bit better... so I decided to play along.

I guess it turned out to be ok... after taking tons 'o' pictures (almost to the point of my retinas burning off - as my Uncle Joel would say), I got to play with Aunt Jess & some other kiddos, while mom & dad narrowed down the huge lot. I think they still ended up getting more pictures than they know what to do with, but nonetheless... they seemed happy with them.

I've posted a few of my favorites... you can click on the link below to see them all. Hope you have a few hours :o)

*see all of the pictures here.... G's 1 year photo shoot