Wednesday, October 8

apples don't really keep doctors away

That's right.... I eat apple sauce almost daily, but mom still lugged me to see the doc again today. She said something about a 9 month check-up?!? I actually got off pretty easy today - NO SHOTS! They did prick my big toe for some blood, but it did not hurt much... in fact, I did not mind the prick, but I did get a little perturbed when the nurse tried to put a band aid on my toe. I ripped that sucker right off.... I don't need no stinkin' band aid!

Just as I suspected... the doctor said everything looked great. I am doing fantastic on all of my developmental skills & he said that I could move up to stage 3 baby foods (mom gave me lasagna with meat sauce tonight... yummm!). I weigh a whopping 16 lbs- 12 oz (11th percentile) and am 29 inches tall (86th percentile). (Where I get my height, I never know... have you seen my short-pint parents?) I was very friendly with all of the nurses... waving and saying "bye" to all of them. I did wave and laugh at Dr. Kirshner, too... until he started poking me in the ears and sticking things up my nose. All and all, it was a good doctor visit, although I do believe I heard them whispering about flu shots in a few weeks. Read my lips: I'll be none too happy if that proves to be true.
*mom corrected the %iles after doing a little research, as the doc did not really tell us

After my doctor visit, mom and dad took me to get a brand new toy. It's about time... the only toys I've been getting the past couple of months are old tupperware, kitchen spatulas, & empty spice bottles. My new toy is quite interesting. You place balls into the contraption & it spits them out into the air. It caught me a little off guard at first, but I think I can catch the hang of it before too long. You can see in the video that I'm trying to figure it all out.

It was a pretty good day.... topped off tonight when daddy shared his popsicle with me. I love it when he does that! The grape ones are a little sour (hence my face in one of the pictures), but I always keep going back for more.

my trendy new outfit (complements of my Gingi & Popi)

lovin' sharing my daddy's popsicle... gimme' more!

Monday, October 6

weekend 'o' fun

So - this weekend was another eventful one. I turned 9 months old on Saturday. Holy Cow - can you believe it? I celebrated by having my good buddy, Mia over for dinner on Friday night. Mom made her family's famous dish - taco burgers. Daddy seemed really excited, but unfortunately... those adults said that us newbies did not have enough teeth to eat them. Ugh! - that's always the excuse.

Even so, Mia & I had a good time playing with my toys. Unfortunately, though - without trying, it seems that I passed my stinky old cold to my bestest bud. I hope you are feeling better soon, Mia! Just tell mom to keep that humidifier going :o).

I must have looked extra cute at church on Sunday or something, because we got home & my nutzo parents took hundreds of photos. Daddy kept telling my how pretty I was... I think this might be one of his favorite outfits (kuddos to Mr & Mrs. Young) :o) I posted a few of the thousand pictures for you.

Oh - and we were watching Dancing with the Stars this evening, so I thought it appropriate to bust a move when I heard the jive music. Perhaps there's a future in the business for me? You can see my "jive" in the video. That's all for now folks.... catch ya later.