Monday, December 6

family shots... fall 2010

Well... what a day it was... family photos. At least they are over... we never have to take any again, right!?!? The details are not important... I behaved terribly (quite possible worse than ever).... I know that it is hard to believe, but I cannot lie, it is true.

Thankfully, our photographer, Crystal @ Sprinkle of Grace Photography,
is nothing short of a magician! She was able to come up with some darn good photos of our family. As usual... Ardynn was at the top of her game... smiling & making flirty eyes with the camera the whole time, so there are tons of her by herself. I have promised mommy that I will never do that to her again.... and that should be easy, because we'll never take any more family photos, right!?!? haha!