Saturday, May 9

2 cobs are better than 1

Yo yo.... corn on the cob is the ticket, peeps!

These pix & videos are from a few nights ago, when I got to try corn on the cob for the first time. If you've never tasted you some corn on the cob, you better run out & get some for your mom to cook up tonight! Even if you are short a few teeth, there's no need to worry... I was able to annihilate a couple of pieces with the mere 9 chompers that I've got.

I'm also a lot better at using my fork these days. Mom was not able to capture the best of my skills, but you can see some attempts in the 3rd video. Sometimes (especially toward the end of my meals) it's just simpler to resort to the good ole' trusty fingertensils.

As with most of my eating videos, if you're tummy is a little weak, you'd better dodge the videos below. Don't judge me, please. I simply enjoy my food... don't you wish you could get away with eating like this?

Tuesday, May 5

cinco de mayo es muy bueno!

I certainly hope that mis amigos enjoyed Cinco de Mayo as much as I did this year... we had a fabulous dinner at a new Mexican restaurant downtown with fun friends. Gosh I love guacamole & rice... think they might be 2 of my favorite foods... muy muy muy bueno!

Oh... and how do you like my festive outfit???

Monday, May 4

...everywhere a QUACK, QUACK!

On a complete whim today, mom & dad stopped by the pond near the hospital up the road from our apartment. The rain we've had for a week straight now is still hanging around, so we were brave to venture out of our car... but it paid off, because the rain held off just long enough for us to walk once around the pond & feed the duckies a little.

Because it was such a last minute decision, we were not prepared with the appropriate duck munchies, so we had to improvise with a handful of the Kix cereal from my snack cup. It didn't seem to bother the duckies at all... they loved my Kix as much as I do!

There were lots of ducks & geese, and even a mommy duck with four little baby ducklings. I also found the turtles quite interesting... dad had to pull me away from the bridge... I'm not sure why he was in such a hurry?... I just wanted to talk to the turtles! I also got a close-up of a snail & rolypoly. I am not such a fan of touching little creatures like that... I like to look at them, but touching them is not really my thing.

If you make it to the end of the slide show, you'll see that I was NOT HAPPY about leaving the pond. After being stuck inside for so long - - I was enjoying the fresh air & was not quite ready to leave when mom & dad were. I let them know :o)