Wednesday, November 26

i'm patiently awaiting the bird....

... Well - I'm expecting a lot tomorrow, as everyone keeps talking up this bird 'n' stuff. Hey - if it turns out to be true - it sounds like I'll have the best meal of my short little life... hope I won't be disappointed :o)

We are heading out to see my family back in Texas, so I'll have some great pictures & videos when I get back! I hope you all have a wonderful turkey day. I know that I'm certainly blessed & thankful to have so many wonderful people that love me!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24

a few stairs..... that ain't no thang!

You read it correctly - I said STAIRS! But before you grandmas start to worry... mom does not let me get near them, unless she's behind me. We have a gate at the bottom - don't fret!

For those of you who don't know, my daddy has been studying a WHOLE, WHOLE lot lately. He is preparing to take his written dental boards in January (the 28th to be exact), so he's been hitting the books pretty hard. Usually he's at the library, but when he stays home, he studies upstairs. So - if I know he's home - I constantly try to escape from mom to find him. I crawl over to the stairs... sit at the bottom... and yell to him. I'd say it pulls at his heart strings just a little to hear me hollering for him. hehehe! (*note to self: use this to my advantage in the future)

Sometimes mom does let me go to find him... she'll carry my up to almost the top of the stairs & let me finish climbing the last two or three, but today - she let me get the whole flight. I think they were a little surprised at how quickly I managed them. So - of course, they had to get out the video camera, but once again - be warned... it's a little shaky, as mom was following me up, as to make sure I did not fall!

The big picture at the top is of my 1st experience with grapefruit & fresh blueberries - two of my daddy's favorites... it looks like they might be mine, too! The other pictures are from my shopping trip with Mia today... we had a blast. Ms. Kellye had to make a quick trip out to the car, so Mia & I stopped for a cookie break - girls gotta eat!