Thursday, September 9

...surely she won't catch up?

Ummmm... I am getting a little bit nervous about my baby sister growing up so fast. It seems like almost daily people are asking mom about how old she is... & it seems like she is continually getting older.... first it was 3 months, then it was 4 months, 5 months, ... now 6 MONTHS OLD!!?? Surely she won't catch up with me??... right!?

Today is Ardynn's half birthday & she gets cuter by the minute. She takes 2 naps each day (I only take one nap, but that is cuz I am a "big dirl" - most definitely NOT a baby, like Ardynn). At night, she is sleeping just like her sleep-champ big sis (yours truly)... usually from about 8.30pm to 8.00am. She loves to bounce in her bouncy contraption, to roll around on the floor, and even to sit up all by herself (as long as there are a few pillows around - just in case). She is weighing in around 11 pounds (we'll have a more accurate number after her dr. appt next Friday). She has tried just about all of the stage one baby foods & cannot get enough of any of them. She is still nursing, but mom has started to give her one or two formula bottles a day, too. I need not remind you (because I mention it in just about every post), but she still smiles at anything that walks, talks, or makes noise.

All around - I'd say that she most definitely wins the award for Little Sis of the Year (ok - maybe Little Sis of the 1/2 Year, just since she has not been around for the whole thing yet - never know what feelings the holiday season might bring!?). I love her with all of my heart, and am quite protective of our little "bean". What in the world did we ever do without her?? Hugs, Kisses, & Happy Half Birthday, "Ardo" (my funny nickname for her sometimes).... but you better not go & catch up with me, Ardo... REMEMBER - - - I'M THE BIG SISTER!

these pics are from today at Sams... mom tried to let Ardynn ride in the front of the cart for the first time.
... it worked out pretty well... I didn't even push her out one time!! ;o)

photos from last night... aren't I mighty strong!
I love to pick her up & move her around - - giving my mom a heart attack each time ;o)
... still not sure why she does not leave me with her unsupervised?? he he!

Tuesday, September 7

31 candles & a cake for daddio

My daddy's 31st birthday was last Thursday. I had been telling him for days that I was going to make him a cake (despite mommy's pleading for me to stay quiet & make it a secret)... so I certainly did not want to disappoint! During Ardynn's morning siesta, mom & I got busy in the kitchen. I always love to help mommy (aka: "mom" these days... she's a little sad that I now call her "mom" instead of "mommy"... I am so grown up, eh!?)cook, and this time - she let me do most everything! I added (almost) all of the ingredients to the bowl... used the electric mixer... scraped the batter into the pan... and even licked the beaters ;o) While we let the cake bake in the oven, I put my creative skills to use on daddy's card with stickers, paint markers, & crayons... what a beauty that card was! ha!

That night, we went to Gingi & Popi's for a birthday celebration for Daddio. I added the absolutely necessary candles to daddio's cake... all 31 of them - all by myself. And I must say, my cake decorating skills are almost as good as my cake baking skills... see what you think of the candle sculpture I made on top of his cake!? Oh... and best of all... I will go ahead & vouch that it tasted pretty darn good, too. Success! I hope your birthday was fantastic, daddio - I certainly enjoyed your big day. Hehe!

The other photos are from this past weekend's super quick trip to Big D for the TCU Hornfrog game. We first stopped late on Friday night to see Bebay's new classroom. She is teaching her very first year of second grade in Fort Worth & her classroom is so spiffy... it almost makes me wish I were ready for 2nd grade! It was fun to see her new classroom... she let me play with some of her fun toys (I may not think that they are so "fun" someday when I am using them to "learn", but for now - they were a blast).... & because it was after hours, I got to run around the halls & play with my daddy.

On Saturday, the game was at the new Cowboy stadium (have you seen that monstrosity on television??... can I just say - HUMONGO!). We had been once before for Scott's graduation... but this time there were a few more peeps & they had all of the lights & sounds working in full gear. Holy canolli... it was a BLAST... and even better - THEY WON! I loved throwing the hornfrog sign with Bebay & chanting "T-C-U" with the crowd. Ardynn did great, too... she loved all of the action & was her happy self for the entire game, even into the late hours! You'll see that we were all decked out in our purple & white to support the froggies. I had so much stinkin' fun... as soon as we left the stadium, I was already planning my next football game.... and I still have not stopped shouting "T-C-U ... T-C-U".