Friday, March 6

i admit it... i'm a PARKaholic & DIPaholic

That's right... these days, my 2 favoritest things are to go to the park & to dip my food.

Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS day, so my mom & Aunt E decided to load me up & take me to the park. You guys are probably getting really tired of the park pictures, but it was a sunny day & the lighting was good for some pretty pictures, so you better believe that mom took several (hundred) of them. oi! oi! And... later, after he got out of school, daddy showed up to surprise me, too!

The park we visited today had a small slide that was just my size, and mom & dad let me go down all by myself for the very 1st time (with spotters on hand - of course!). Aunt Erica took the 1st video below of my first slide... it might be a little grainy, because we only had our regular camera, but she did a great job of keeping it steady (unlike my non-videographer mom). You'll notice I'm not scared at all... in fact on the second slide, I think I almost gave mommy a heart attack, because I pushed myself down before daddy could grab me. Weeeeee... I'm ready for Six Flags, baby!

Mom also brought along my new BIG RED BALL. I toted it around the whole playground... even onto the swing. You can see me swinging with my ball in the 2nd video... watch out, though - it could make your tummy a little sickly :o).

After our park visit, we went home & daddy warmed up his daily edamame snack. As always, he shared some with me & let me dip my little pods into the soy sauce. Oh, how I love to dip my food these days. I'm not picky... I'll take any kind of dip you'll offer... I've tried salsa, ranch dressing, soy sauce... anything I can convince them to let me try - it's all fabulous! After I dip as much as I can, or after I run out of things to be dipped... I use my fingers to polish off the dip. My mom's afraid she's created a monster, because I have already figured out what the ranch dressing jar looks like & will grunt & point until she pours me some. he he he.

May I just say.... once you've had your chicken dipped in ranch... you'll never go back!!!

every lady feels better with a little makeup

I DO NOT like it when mommy puts on her makeup without including me. Every single day when she sits at her stool to put on her makeup... I scream & yell until she puts me on her lap to help her. I mean really... why wouldn't she include me in such a fun, girly part of her day?

This morning... I could tell that she did not want me sitting in her lap while she dried her hair, so to keep me occupied, she gave me her whole bag of makeup. Ahhhh... that's exactly what I wanted! I somehow found an open eyeshadow case & started piling it on, just like mommy does. I was not exactly sure where to put it, so I went for my nose & my hair.
I hope you like the pictures of my makeup job!

Thursday, March 5

do i smell or something?

My buddy, Keecha, must have thought that I had not had my bath the other night, because she would not share her bed with me. I tried for a good ten minutes to sit with her in her little bed, but every time I would sit down next to her (or on top of her, I should say)... she'd run off. The pattern was - - -she'd get in, then I'd get in, then she'd get out, then I'd follow her out, then once I was out.. she'd get back in again, ....

After some very persistent trying... she reluctantly gave in a little, and mom snapped a few pictures of us sharing Keecha's bed. Notice that Keecha does not seem amused in most of the photos (for whatever reason?).

Now I am the one who needs a bath - that dog is so STINKY... I think she needs her diaper changed, or something?!?!?!